How Many Points Of Contact Are Needed?

How many ways are you reaching out to your customers and prospects? 30% of buyers use 3 or more Points of Contact or Channels to research and get ready to make their final buying decision. In a survey done by ATG here is how they washed out:

22% One Channel

48% Two Channels

24% Three Channels

2% Four Channels

4% More Than Four Channels

Going deeper into this survey we find that mobile is becoming more of a research tool in the 18-34 year old age group in researching products and services. Here is a sample of how often they did a search:

77% Never

3% Daily

5% Weekly

7% Monthly

8% Four to Six times a year

Keep in mind that this survey was done LAST December and that the use of mobile is growing faster than any of us might know.

*Source: ATG: Sample of 1054 respondents 18 years and older in the USA December 2009

Larson Notes & Satire: I have been talking multi channel for years, even before the age of Web 2.0 I was trying to get my clients to use multiple points of contact. Even before the computer age the rule of thumb in advertising was that people need 9 touches to make a purchase and they only see 1 out of 3 so that it took 27 advertisements or mailers prices or faxes or voice messages or emails or TV or radio ads or whatever. Enter stage right and we now have Web 2.0 Social media, blogs. On-line PR, SEO, pay-for-click, banner ads, pop ups etc.

If you needed a professional survey to make you do what you always needed to be doing now you have it.

So what do we use here at Larson & Associates in order of importance? Telesales (we use the same techniques for ourselves we do for our customers), Social Media Marketing (followers, posts forums, groups, etc.), Blog, Word of Mouth (WOM), Bird Dog, Referrals, Networking Groups, Web site, SEO, Post Card Mailer, Wave Mailings, Email Blasts, PR, both traditional and online, Volunteering.

If the last one caught you by surprise well…….

Need help? Call us, we still answer our phone the only fashioned way, we pick it up and say “Hello, Larson’s, how can I help you?”.

Howard Larson

Larson & Associates

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Making good businesses great and great businesses even better


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