So how do the “pros” score their social media efforts?


Today's top marketers are starting factor social interactions into their lead scoring. Why? Because that is where the action is! These conversations often can indicate buying signals and   behavior and allow marketers to bring leads to a sale or the sales department faster, and beating out the competition that is using traditional lead scoring or dare I say no lead scoring at all.


So what is sales ready behavior? It could be a tweet about you or your product, a comment left on a blog, a question posting on LinkedIn, or any other online posting outside of your website. The key is to have a system in place that can see this data and put the appropriate score to this information.

In order to score social media interactions properly, you must implement some data capture processes:
1. Use a social media monitoring tool. There are free tools like Salesforce for Twitter, or more options like Radian6. Or you can simply manually enter your data.
2. Then get the data from your social media monitoring into the CRM system so the comments or activity can be used in lead scoring for future sales activity.
3. Then start to study and understand how these interactions in social media affect the actual buying process and sales cycle. Create scores to reflect these different activities.


Like other behaviors, all social media interactions are not equal and should not be scored equally. Some actions should receive higher scores others lower. Do they mention your company, your competition, or that they are looking to buy. Sort it out and keep track of what and how you need to score it. Others that probably need lower scores are actions such as retweets or posts without content.


Now the sales attack, but how can you email or contact these people if all you have is their Twitter IDs or a Facebook pages link? You can't, but you can send an alert over to sales so a rep can start to do their thing be it with social media or a phone call. That is what a missionary sales and lead generation is all about (Need help in this area contact us here at Larson & Associates 847-991-0488 and we can help you in this area.)


All of this doesn't have to take a lot of manual work. Social media lead scoring can happen automatically on sentiment, topic or general keywords used, automating the scoring program or you can go manual. Whatever floats your boat.


So start prioritizing your leads not just by company or behavior, but by pertinent information.


Larson Notes & Satire:  It really comes down to sales and what you sell but you got to start somewhere to know what is happening out there.


To that I can only say test, test, test and the start all over again.

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