Last season, I was praying that blush would still be the go to color for brides, and after Pantone announced Rose Quartz as its color of the year, I was HAPPY beyond belief. I am a sucker for vintage romance, delicate pastels coupled with rustic glass vases and natural elements. I have superpowers when it comes to mixing colors and textures and I pride myself with this gift.

So, how will this year's pallet manifest into my weddings this season?
Instead of just a simple ombre-ish effect with pastel pink, include soft peach, delicate sunset orange, warm it up with some sherbet hues and #GameOfThrones it up with some rustic elements, bronze, distressed wood and my favorite crystal lighting. Don’t forget to add some amber uplighting (does wonders for most skin types) :) All in all bouquets this season have that “just picked” unstructured looked think spring time in Paris

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