Gain the edge in the conversation and help your clients get what they want.

If you knew the hidden meanings in what people say, you could have an edge in every conversation.

You would be able to predict and influence their behavior.

You would be able to recognize the behavior tendencies and the mental processes of those you talk with and you could help each person achieve their outcomes and you can achieve your outcomes by simply matching up with how they think. 

This is about how someone thinks, not what they think.

Over the years, we all learn little tips and tricks for understanding what someone needs and what they are  asking for. But, these are limited by our personal experience. If we haven't learned from experience about a particular pattern, we will not be prepared.

There is a generic, linguistic approach for having that edge in 17 categories of language and behavior, covering more than 40 specific scales of mental processes which lead to specific behaviors.

No, this is not some newfangled gimmick.

This is a proven process that has been translated into more than a dozen languages and many tens of thousands of professionals, consultants, managers, and executives use it to understand what is happening in the thought process of their employees, providers, clients, prospects, and competitors. It has been helping people achieve their outcomes for more than 35 years.

It has been written about in multiple books by Tony Robbins (in his 'Power' series in the '80s) and by many others as well.

Knowledge Is Power

This process streamlines what used to be difficult problems in relationships, management, product development, marketing, sales, manufacturing, distribution, and customer satisfaction.

For many, simply learning this information and this process improves the self-esteem of the learner.

What is it?

It is simply knowing what is really going on behind what people say.

Watch the video listed on this page.

This video describes a thinking pattern we all know about, but shows what is really happening in the brain for this pattern to show up. The other videos listed on that page describe other patterns and other fundamental concepts of this approach.

Leave your info in the form on one of those pages to get access to the next videos.

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