As a third year Doctor of Business Administration student, I am currently completing dissertation research.  I am a student attending Northcentral University.  The challenges of entrepreneurship in small business environment are of my interest, and my research is focused on small business finance.  The aims are to understand how minority-owners of small businesses perceive why may be denied credit more often than non-minority applicants; identify challenges for minority owners to obtain credit; and the strategies used to access credit and alternative financing.  The dissertation work is progressing to the participant recruitment phase.  Northcentral University requires student to pass an Institutional Review Board (IRB) examination to ensure the confidentiality and protection of the participants.  IRB has approved this research and the study announcement on the next page.  The success of this study depends on having volunteers to participate.
After graduating with an associate degree in business administration from the Borrow of Manhattan Community College in New York City, I received a bachelor’s degree in finance and investment from Baruch College (The City University of New York, 1998). I earned a master’s degree in applied accounting and financial management (Keller Graduate School of Management, DeVry University). I have held several positions of employment and that prepared me for business ownership and research. I have worked as a staff accountant for 500 fortune companies such as the United Technology Corporation (UTC), Mass Mutual Financial Group, Xerox, Stanley Works, and with small business enterprises such as Godwin Associates of Accounting and Tax Services.  In the future, I will use my extensive professional and academic backgrounds to serve new starter-ups and financially challenged enterprises. I am a native of Guadeloupe, a French island in the Caribbean. 

Please see the study announcement that follows and contact me to participate.  
Call for Research on Minority Small Business Access to Financing

My name is Jean-Philippe Montout.  I am a doctoral student at Northcentral University. My research is on minority small business owners who have credit application experiences.
Your assistance will help understand the problem business owners face.

Your name will be confidential.  It will not appear in the study.
If you participate in this research you will be asked to:
 1. Participate in an in-person interview.  The interview will last around 30 to 45 minutes.   You will be asked about your experience in credit application.
 2. Following the interview, complete a survey questionnaire consisting of 16 questions  about credit application experiences.
 3. Add any information to share for 5 minutes
You are eligible to participate if you:

 1. Are classified as minority small business owners, and you have less than 500  employees.
 2. Are over 18 and less than 65 years of age.
 3. Reside in Northeastern North Carolina in the Elizabeth City area region and its  surroundings counties
 4. Have experiences with applying for credit
 5. Are in business for over one year
You are not eligible to participate if you:

 1. Are classified as a non-minority business owner, or you have over 500 employees
 2. Are not over 18 and more than 65 years of age.
 3. Do not reside in the Northeastern North Carolina, Elizabeth City area region and its  surroundings counties
 4. Have no experience with applying for credit
 5. Are not in business for over one year
I plan to include about 12 participants.

If you want to volunteer or ask questions:
Contact me at or 252-302-1181.

Jean-Philippe Montout, Doctoral Student
Northcentral University

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