Happiness is a Great Predictor of Higher Income

Wow, I was not always happy in my teen years! Were you? I am not always happy now, are you? Research says we can increase our income by increasing our happiness. Now, that sounds like fun!

Would you agree that you get more done in a shorter amount of time when you are happy?

Do you believe that we have control over our joy and happiness?

I have always stated that when we focus on developing great relationships in our personal and professional life they will result in joy and prosperity. You may be one of the many that have expressed to me, “ Well, Joyce, that sounds good, but, who has time for that, we have all we can do to run the business and the business and economic climate is rough!” What I know is this, when I was an educator of children and adults they learned and produced more when they were having fun. Rigor does not have to equal pain. It appears the “no pain no gain” slogan of physical fitness does not go hand in hand with outstanding performance in the educational or business setting.

The research in an American study found that “downcast teens earned 30 percent less than the average salary at age 29, whereas happy teens earned 10 percent above average.”

“Happiness is a good predictor of income,” even after factors such as gender, IQ, physical health and height are taken into account, said study researcher Andrew Oswald, a professor of economics at the University of Warwick in England.

Would you agree with the findings of Oswald, “ If you’re happy, you have less worries and distractions and stress that probably divert you away from the things that are important for work and getting promotions,” Oswald said. “People who worry less can concentrate on being better employees.”

In my experience, as a parent, employer, educational leader and volunteer people are more productive when they are happy. This in turn brings more compliments, gratitude, and recognition of a ‘job well done.’ I have found a great book to inspire your family or professional meetings and give you just the lift when you need it most.

Let’s put on some tunes like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and “ Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFarrin and inspire ourselves and others to a higher income. Drop me a note any time and let me know what happiness has done in your personal and professional life.

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Joyce White Nelson, Business Relationship Professional, and founder of JoyceVentures has 30 years of experience in educational leadership, public speaking, conducting webinars and writing about initiating, nurturing and sustaining positive and mutually beneficial professional relationships that result in joy and prosperity.

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Happiness is a Great Predictor of Higher Income

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