You want them, you really do, the SALES OJECTION. Embrace the objections of your prospects and customers. This is how you know they are involved in the buying process and that the sale is moving forward.

You need to get your head on and looking forward. Every day on the job you hear the same old objections. You hear them but do you do anything about them? They are the stepping stone to bringing you more business. Objections confirm the need or the desire for your product or service to the customer and help you decide on the next step(s) you need take. It's your responses to the objections that help make or break their buying decision.

This is the reason the responses to your top objections you hear most often should not only be written down but so to should the answers. Plan and prepare yourself to help more the customer though the buying process.

Then when asked you can be ready and not fumbling around your head looking for the answers. Then, pause as if you are reflecting on the question. This shows an overall respect for the customer and for the objection that validates the customer's concern.

Once you have all these questions and answers writing down, practice the delivery of each response. Get genuine feedback, make appropriate changes and then practice the delivery of your responses until they sound natural and responsive not a well rehearsed push-back.

Selling is about helping your prospects and customers solve a problem. If you sell this way, everyone is a winner

Larson Notes & Satire: Embrace the objection. Let it flow with you and though you. Sort of like the Force in Star Wars. You are moving within that higher sales realm. You are not at war with your customers. When I’m selling I am now consultant to them in my area of expertise. I have attained a status where I am a trusted advisor. With that status comes great responsibility. Now your whole object with your customer is to advice what is best for them, no matter what. If your service or product is not the best one, you need to be (bluntly) honest with them and more importantly yourself and step back and make the right decision. If you can do that, you will make more sales for a longer period of time then you can even begin to dream of.

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Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
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