French Chef Jean Francois Rouquette prepares the Air-France Food for Flights NY-Paris

To eat a " very pleasant Haute French Cuisine " created by Chef Jean-François Rouquette a cooking with flowers full of colors and also full of flavors, delicacies and feelings, inspired by Cookings and culinary secrets of the Worldwide the whole served in a decoration of simplicity.

Jean-François Rouquette makes a figure of exception. Settled in the kitchen of Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris for more than twelve years, the star chef likes establishing relationships of trust. A friend of the actor Wine Sommelier of the American Association Sommeliers Association Charlie Arturaola protagonist participated in the movie "The Duel Of Wine" where Chef Jean-François Rouquette was also an actor with other famous chefs of Italy, Spain including Chef Cesare Casella NYC. Star chef for his restaurant " Pur " at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome, Jean-François Rouquette imagined several dishes for the customers of the first class of Air France travelers. Following the example of other world-famous Worldwide chefs.

The dishes of Jean-François Rouquette fly on board of Air France classe La Première.
We introduce you the new dishes signed by the French star chef Jean-François Rouquette. Art to be tested in flight in a departure from New York, Tokyo, and Shanghai.
And known as we love the French Haute Cuisine, and how much we also appreciate the value of it in flight. It doesn't even catch us the match between starry chef and you Premiere of Air France (classe La Première,), but this doesn't prevent us from surprising us in to follow the creative run of these dishes of the author that represents "La Précellence" of the High French Cooking Style and flavors. As each of us before to a work of art he is abducted by the form and by the color, here starts the sense of smell and the sublime taste of the perfumes of its culinary creations.

The more famous aerial line of France names Jean-François Rouquette, the famous chef of the hotel Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome, that here will propose two dishes of the author a month, devoted to the passengers of the class her Premiere, circumscribed only for now to the flights by New York, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

Dishes to discover on departure from New York, Tokyo, and Shanghai

Starting October 1st, 2018, Air France is for the first time entrusting the creation of two signature dishes per month in the La Première cabin to Jean-François Rouquette, the famous Michelin-starred head chef at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome hotel.

For even more culinary delights throughout the Air France network, La Première customers will be able to enjoy the chef's creative and refined dishes on flights from New York (United States), Tokyo (Japan) and Shanghai (China) to Paris. His culinary creations, inspired by his travels around the world, can be enjoyed until March 2019.

On departure from New York – JFK

October 2018 and March 2019

Seared beef fillet, Bercy condiment, spinach, melted potatoes, and candied shallots
Roasted scallops, coffee and vanilla butter, celery purée and mushrooms

November and December 2018

Chicken supreme stuffed with walnuts and paprika, cabbage and candied chestnuts
Meunière pollock’s back, sage butter, salsify, and caramelized radicchio

January and February 2019

Lamb Noisettes, cereals and scented artichokes Vadouvan
Armoricaine monkfish with saffron, fennel, crispy rice with coconut milk

On departure from Tokyo-Haneda 

October 2018 and March 2019

Chicken’s supreme stuffed with walnut butter and smoked paprika, sauce Poulette, pak choy and chestnuts
Armoricaine monkfish, fennel, crispy rice with coconut milk

November and December 2018

Lamb Noisettes, cereals, artichoke purée, spinach
Roasted scallops, coffee butter with cider vinegar, Jerusalem artichokes and Japanese mushrooms

January and February 2019

Seared beef fillet, Bercy condiment, spinach, melted potatoes, and shallots
Pollock fillet flavored with sage, balsamic radicchio, buttered salsify

On departure from Shanghai

October 2018 and March 2019

Lamb Noisettes, cereals, eggplant caviar, and mini zucchini
Armoricaine jumbo shrimp, fennel, crispy rice with coconut milk

November and December 2018

Seared beef fillet, Bercy condiment, spinach, melted potatoes, and shallots
Cobia fish fillet flavored with sage, basil radicchio, butternut muslin

January and February 2019

Chicken’s supreme stuffed with walnut butter and smoked paprika, sauce Poulette, pak choy and chestnuts
Roasted scallops, coffee butter, and cider vinegar, mashed celery, mushrooms

Noix designed Saint-Jacques Jean-François Rouquette
"I want that my cooking is transparent, even if you discover an unexpected taste, the chef has told us during the presentation of the project. I Try to transmit an emotion and to reproduce the spontaneity of my discoveries."

I began to work with flowers a little more than ten years ago when nobody was interested in this matter. The flowers help me to decorate plates and dishes. By their forms and their varied colors, they bring a visual pleasure and perfume delicately raw to vegetables.
The flowers which are eatable floods are added as late as possible in the dish to protect their colors and their freshness.
Cooked them to be pairing ingredients to make salty, or sweet dishes (sweets, creams, sherbets, ices, mirrors, ice creams), desserts, frosts(jellies), biscuits, cake stores(pastries), cakes, breads, syrups, liqueurs, wines and perfumed vinegars, comfits, jams, frosts. Some are used as condiments. At that time, I looked for something to distinguish me and then I realized that at the end of the winter, everybody worked in France only the asparagus or the morel but not with the flowers. I thus turned to my producers, who did not have much to propose me, but it was enough to awaken my curiosity. I worked the hibiscus by creating, for example, a tomato tart with a red mullet and a syrup of hibiscus, mussels with nasturtiums, the tuna with the sage-pineapple...

The purpose was not just to make something attractive beautiful and with aromas of the flower and its flavors.

This work helped me to get the Michelin that awarded my star to the Guide Michelin. I am inspired by what I see in the other countries and the continents. I try to find cleverness's of the other continents to incorporate them into my cooking and I innovate with old sometimes thousand-year-old recipes receipts of the Chefs of Dubai, Bahrain, Seoul or Tokyo...
I also remember the Andes of Saint-Exupéry and Mermoz in South America, to Mendoza ( Argentina) where I met an enthusiast of grills who explained me his methods and where I discovered the "chimichurri". I had the impression to have discovered the moon!
I am native from Aveyron and my style comes from this county.  Park

Hyatt also organizes every month Vintage Dinners. Can you tell us more?
Every month, we invite V.I.P. Italian or French houses of wines for exclusive evenings.  And time to time we have as a guess the world-famous worldwide wine sommelier Charlie Arturaola that help us enjoy the wine and I prepare a menu which sublimates the selected wines.
Restaurant Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome 5 rue de la Paix, Paris 75002. Phone number : 00 33 01 58 71 12 34.


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