Follow Follower’s Actions before Acting

Ok enough of the heavy tech stuff. Sit down, take a deep breath, and pour yourself a cup of coffee. I know I did.

Now my question for you today is how should you as a seller of goods and services connect with your prospects online?

As an online businesses person you must determine where you’re most important interactions take place. There are different levels of interaction and you need to know what is the most important to you, not me, not your best friend, YOU! Yes you can be selfish here. Facebook, MerchantCircle, LinkedIn, a Ning site, your company Web site?

Now ask yourself; How did the prospect find you? What kind of content did they look at? What did they download? How did the prospect re-engage with you after going over your content?

First track your website movements to indentify your follower’s movements. What activity did they do, where did they go? What did they look at?

Second, consider the time frame of content viewing to next interaction. Is it there to be a quick knee jerk response or long term sale?

Third, get them to ask and have them fill out a form to get a higher level of content. As long as you give people enough good information up front there is nothing wrong with asking for more on who they are. I tend to not like the; tell me about you first to get my information kind of web sites and people, thus I don’t do a lot of downloading of “white papers” because they want to know about me before I know about them, usually. But that’s me. I need to know if they are worth getting bothered from and I don’t know that until I know where they head is at, and company for that matter. I need to know what they are selling and if I really care. Then, going back into the sellers’ mode and not the buyers, when giving information you might ask for an email address just so you don’t get a fake one just to get your stuff and actually send the information or a password to get it.

Forth, determine if the prospects re-engagement online after looking over your “stuff” is relevant. The shorter amount of time the greater the desire to purchase. Are they there to buy or are they a tire kicker?

Larson Notes & Satire: Buy doing even simple tracking of online behaviors you can find a pattern of behavior. Look at the service or product they viewed. Is there a pattern with that specific service/product category or not? Look at the site where the prospect came from? Is there a pattern of behavior from that site between the kinds of interaction?

The more you know and understand the kinds of people and their behavior the more you can create a selling atmosphere from them to buy what you got to sell.

Remember people buy for their reasons, not yours.

Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
Target Marketing & Telesales Professionals for new account acquisition
Making good businesses great and great businesses even better

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Comment by Howard Larson on October 14, 2010 at 4:09pm
glad you like it Vincent, the real reality of Social Media Marketing is people talking to and buying services from people.

Still to teckie but Ill just have another cup of coffee and worry about that later.
Comment by Vincent Wright on October 13, 2010 at 1:20pm
Of all the posts you've made here on My Linking Power Forum, I think this is my FAVORITE! And I think it has to do with the tone you set for the article in the very first paragraph: "Ok enough of the heavy tech stuff. Sit down, take a deep breath, and pour yourself a cup of coffee. I know I did."

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