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Connecting on LinkedIn

I have an ongoing strategy to keep connecting, here on LinkedIn, with folks in sports industries and I've been looking for a model of how to tell them my story, and find folks who are interested in what I've done and I'm doing now.

My desire to connect on LinkedIn with those in the sports industry is 3-fold:
1) I'm hoping to find kindred souls who will become trusted resources in the industry.
2) I'm hoping to find those who would be interested in being my rep and refer their clients for my services, and
3) I'm hoping to find clients directly.

What about this form of responding to a new Connect?

I just received the following "thanks for the connect" LI message and this particular form of communications fits with my personality very well. I have included this message for you to explore with me:

James xxxxxxxx on Feb 7, 2:02 PM
Dear Rodger:  

Thank you for connecting with me.  

I’m a former college hockey goalie turned weekend warrior.  At 40 I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome and went from running 50 miles a week to not being able to stand for 50 seconds in about 10 days.  I was hospitalized twice and at one point needed a wheelchair. Neurologists worried I’d never recover from GBS.

19 years later I work out every day, am stronger and quicker than ever.   In fact in 2014 (at age 58) I finished FIRST (in my AGE CATEGORY) in a 5K RACE with 750 participants.  There were 600+ younger “fit for their age” folks behind me too.

The secret to my FULL recovery is access to a set of technologies focused on cellular-health which amplify the body’s own ability to heal itself.  These help:
•    healthy people stay well and become more resistant to illness/injury,  
•    people dealing with specific injuries/conditions - experience systemic improvement and symptomatic relief, and
•    athletes of all levels perform better and recover from injury faster.
The technologies help ALL people get the best results from professional care.  

I have long-realized GBS happened FOR and not “to” me.  Among the things I learned (as a patient) was just how limited traditional health care is to full recovery; a second, is how unknown and non-accessible most tools that can make a real difference are (both) to those who need them and “among those who care for those who need them”.   (Even elite professional and college athletes who have so much to gain from the use of these tools - in terms of wellness, optimal performance, career longevity and exiting their chosen sports under their own terms, seem to have had very little access to the benefits of cellular-health technologies).    

I’m out to change this!   

Toward these ends I became involved as a distributor of high-powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy – which works like a battery charger for cells.

High-powered PEMF has the following benefits:
• reduced pain and inflammation
• increased range of motion
• accelerated functional recovery
• faster healing of broken bones and skin wounds
• faster recovery from surgery
• improved general health:
o enhanced capillary formation
o increased tensile strength in ligaments
o reduced tissue necrosis
o accelerated nerve regeneration

Knowing what had worked best for me (and others) I integrated PEMF with 8 other technologies/methods to create a turnkey cellular-health model called Replenishing Care – which works alongside and reinforces athletic training, physical therapy, wellness initiatives and professional care: http://www.replenishingtechnologiesinc.com/replenishing-care/

Replenishing Care helps the body help itself – for wellness, prevention, and optimal performance.

If you have an interest in learning more I’d welcome hearing from you.   

Kindest regards


I Like This Form of "Thanks for the Connect" message

For me, this kind of response to the Connect seems to be a "here is my story" kind of message, that gives me an opportunity to see into this person's history, social concerns, and interest in improving the world. I don't see it as the response of a person hawking their wares. I like this approach because I like to tell my story.

What do you think of this approach as a message to receive as soon as you have connected with someone on LinkedIn? For you, what are the pros and the cons of this type of message?

What kinds of outcomes do you have for Connecting in LinkedIn?

What kinds of "Thanks for the Connect" messages do you send?

What kinds of "Thanks for the Connect" messages do you like to receive?

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