Sometimes you might come across a white paper that sounds so good you have got to down load it. Then in order to get it you need to register and become a member etc.

This is usually where I pull up and say “Oh bother” and stop. To me it is a double edge sword. If you go this route you want to show how you are a leader in the field. A trustworthy person. But then up comes the registration and you feel double crossed all in the name of data capturing.

Give the viewers some free info and you can go a long way. Let them get to know you, trust you, love you. Don’t put up your most secret stuff, but just enough to =get the drooling all over themselves. At the bottom you can do an enticement to have them register for more. This strategy will create a positive user experience and secure the loyalty and give you needed credibility.

Larson note: Who wants to be put on a spam list? Not Me. Ease them into wanting more. Make them hungry. Why when you go the food store do they have people out there making things up for you to sample? 2 reasons: 1) so you feel guilty and buy a small box or can or 2) You like it enough to buy enough for dinner that night. It works and works quite well. Give enough and if it “tastes” good they will be back for seconds. Food or information the desire can be made.

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*Source: 321 takeoff

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