Enthronement of 8 new Disciples of Escoffier Section Catalan and Occitanie France

Auguste Escoffier Disciples Enthronement Evening by President Brice Ducos and Treasurer Carole Le Bagousse from the Catalan Occitan Regional Delegation
Today we offer you a beautiful report greedy very particular for you to share the evening of exception that I spent Monday, June 17, 2019: a night five stars at the Hotel Park in Carcassonne UNESCO World Heritage and Disciples of 'Escoffier, the delights of the menu full of colours and flavours of the local products "Made In Aude" #MadeInFranceby Chef Franck Putelat (MOF) 80 English way Carcassonne 11000.

Auguste Escoffier's Brotherhood of Disciples is one of the most important international gastronomic associations in the world, composed of great chefs, sommeliers, fine gastronomes and talented producers. It was created in 1954 by Jean Ducroux, then a chef in Nice and President of the "Fraternelle des Cuisiniers", (Brotherly of the Cooks) the association gathers 35.000 Disciples around the world (30 countries), including 2000 in France. His goal is to support Auguste Escoffier's values around the world, namely:
Sharing and passing on knowledge,
The respect of the culinary history,
The recommendation of a perpetual evolution of the kitchen,
The realization of actions for a charitable cause.
Auguste Escoffier is a revolutionary in the world of cooking. Born in 1846, he was, in 1884, chef at the "Grand Hotel" run by César Ritz and will be at the origin of the division of tasks in the kitchen and the creation of luxury hotels, attended by all European aristocracy and artists.
In 1890, he took over the kitchen of the "Savoy Hotel" in London, which became the meeting place of the international elite where Escoffier created famous dishes such as "Suzette pancakes", " Melba fishing "or" Sarah-Bernhardt strawberries ".
His experience in the French Army during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 taught him to use leftover food, to invent recipes to present differently the only foods available and to study the technique of food canning. He was thus the first to limit the richness of the preparations and to show that the gastronomic value of a dish was only the result of the quality of its raw materials, the technical knowledge of the cook and the love of the job.
Considered "the King of cooks, the Cooker of Kings", he left behind a legacy of culture and culinary practice whose presence is still felt today, when talking about modern, innovative and healthy cuisine.

The title of "Disciple" is justified by professional experience. The enthronement takes place during a solemnly and friendly meeting, during which he is sworn to "transmit, serve, and honour the cuisine, its culture and its ongoing evolution".
A scarf is thus given to the new Disciple:
Red: for professionals of the Mouth Care,
Violet: experts of the Room, Sommeliers and Oenology,
Green: for talented producers,
Blue: for Epicurean Gourmets Gastronomes,
Eight candidates were inducted by Mr. Brice Ducos, president of the Regional Catalan Occitania Delegation of Disciples d'Escoffier, to join their ranks and by the treasurer Carole Le Bagousse, who handed the scarf and the diplomas. During a touching ceremony with the friendship and friendliness that reigned there.
In his memory and to preserve the riches he has built in the world of gastronomy, the international gastronomic fraternity has 65 years of tribute to one of the greatest cooks in culinary history: Auguste Escoffier.
Escoffier revolutionized the culinary world by introducing the brigade organization into a kitchen.
Being a disciple of Escoffier is a commitment to respect the Escoffier spirit defined by the sharing of knowledge, the respect of the culinary history, the recommendation of its evolution "the kitchen will evolve as society evolves itself, without to stop being an art, " he said, and finally the support of a charitable cause.
The delivery of scarves, diplomas of the ceremony of induction of Monday night in Carcassonne was made by a woman Carole Le Bagousse, a symbol to mark the blow in a world of chefs and cookers that is still nowadays very macho.
They were a week to join the brotherhood, following the presentation they were "baptized" by President Brice Ducos with this gigantic spoon and they received the corresponding scarf to their profile, a memorable moment in their journey of the gastronome.

Eight new members were inducted into Disciples Escoffier Catalan Occitan Country
Have received the red scarf:
Valentin Renaud
Thomas Laffargue
Simon Pacary
Guilhem Michelet-Lombardini
Thomas Bridame
Hervé Denis, former as a cook, teacher, wine and cheese pairing specialist

Received the green scarf:
Mathieu Carrere
Received the purple wine scarf: Bertrand Cros Mayrevieille

In order to respect the tradition, the evening began with an informative meeting about the changes in the international with the vote of the members. The aperitif was entrusted to the team of the two (2) Michelin star chef and MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France Best Worker of France) Frank Putelat who prepared the dinner: fried tartar, mozzarella slice and French summer truffle, langoustine bacon fat, pot au feu (potatoes) from Pays de Sault, red tuna virgin with pomegranate, pigeon casserole, hot juices, sweets and sweets. With the sommelier Ludovic Monteillet who proposed a very professional food and wine pairing throughout the evening and with the dessert.
The evening, which was full, full of fun and friendliness, it's really an unforgettable evening.
This chapter of the summer was also the opportunity to meet chefs like Valentin Renaud who will open a new restaurant in Lagrasse in mid July, friends of Disciples and partners, Laurence Huetter in the Heart of Clay (34120 Pézenas).

Marc Vidal from www.VetiPro.com Carcassonne and Perpignan, The natural jams of Marie Prize of the championship of France 2016 (contact@lesconfituresdemarie.fr), the CEO Chairman (President) Brice DUCOS  Atelier du Bistro à Juvignac 34990  (4 Rue des Magnanarelles, 34990 Juvignac atelierbistrot.eatbu.com / dish.co) who during his speech also expressed the wish to find new talents with new ideas.

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