When looking over the potential of your company’s expansion never assume that a brand or company with higher awareness and exposure than yours is already under consideration.


You might need to identify various audience segments and cross them off your leads list but in doing so you need to better understand when and where marketing functions can play a stronger nurturing roll in new account acquisition.


In a report from McKinsey & Company it seems that the number of companies that come under consideration during an active evaluation for service expands rather than narrows as companies look for the best possibilities for what they really need. This change in thinking behavior from what was relevant even 2 years ago shows and creates a tremendous opportunity for marketers by allowing them (or you) the opportunity of more touch points to influence the all mighty customer.


Larson Notes & Satire:  So yes you have more and greater opportunity to get new customers but remember you also have new and greater ways to lose customers. And remember it is easier to keep a customer that it is to go out and get a new one. Keep your defenses up high and controlling and keeping what you got, so you don’t have to get twice as many new accounts.


“We don’t sell lists, we find customers.”


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