Do you connect with the same people in multiple online social networks?

As I was making quite a few new connections this morning on Twitter--with people in my hometown that I don't already know--and then reading an article re: automated direct messages (ADMs) via a link that Vincent posted--I realized that I have, for the most part, kept my professional and personal networks separate.

At this point, I spend most of my time in 4 networks online: LinkedIn, MVPF/MLPF, Facebook, and Twitter. For me, LinkedIn & MVPF are mostly professional/business-related; Facebook is mostly personal; and Twitter is in-between. I'm probably most 'protective' of my Facebook account; with only a couple of exceptions, all of my FB 'friends' are family and people with whom I've been friends for years. On Twitter, I connect with others in my area, with those who are working in my areas of professional experience (technical writing, etc.), and with those who have (or seem to have, anyway!) much more of a clue about social media that I do, and I follow more people than follow me, but that's OK, because I'm not interested in the size of my network, but the relationships that I want to develop, or strengthen. For me, it's quality over quantity.

So, I was wondering how other people use different online social networks. Do you keep your personal and business connections separate, or not?

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