Direct Mail the Newest (?) Marketing Tool

Direct mail isn’t the latest or most sophisticated marketing tool around. It does not get the big press like mobile or Social Media but it might still the most reliable marketing tool you can use.

No matter if you’re using a #10 envelop of a postcard mailing attack or a sophisticated designed promo piece, mail gets attention and generates results you CAN measure.

But that is only the very beginning of direct mail and the power it can give. Direct mail is also a powerful driver for results across the marketing spectrum. Got a web site? Direct mail can drive more people to it. Got a brick and mortar location? Direct mail can guide people to and through the doors. Going to an expo, direct mail can bring customers to your booth.

And when the dust settles for every dollar spent on direct mail it generates $15.60 according to the Direct Marketing Association. But put it together with other marketing channels and it can light up the board! Time and time again studies show that sending a printed mailing piece drives additional sales on a company’s web site some as much as 96% per research by Vovici EFM)

IN a marketing world where you need to be everywhere at once to insure your customers see you and find you, online, at home in the office, providing information that gets your brand noticed and considered, that it takes an extensive set of tools online and offline to ensure that your brand is seen and there when the buying decision is being made, and that by integrating the other marketing tools into your arsenal it only increases your ability to make the sale and dive up revenue.

Larson Notes & Satire: Direct mail might not be the biggest buzz word when talking about your next marketing attack but don’t discount it. All those new apps and technologies mean squat, if you don’t get a sale. Truth is direct mail remains as effective today as it has ever been for the last century in driving action to your company. Listen to the buzz, look at all the new marketing tools and think how they can help you, but me, I would not bet my bottom line on them.

Howard Larson

Larson & Associates

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