For those of you just getting to know me and/or are inquiring about my recent professional work in the US, China, India, and South Korea, I hope that this blog post will provide sufficient information to answer your questions.

2014:  Enabled an organization to standardize and statistically stabilize its software development processes in less than 18 months by teaching them how to quantitatively manage performance, conducting regular status and document reviews, and appraising the organization.  Resulted in a cost savings of $700,000.  #USA

2013:  Strengthened the value the client brought to its customer to counteract the policy of transferring existing contracts to small businesses, by involving both the client and the customer as co-sponsors and participants in the appraisal.  Resulted in contract renewals worth $10,000,000/year. #SOUTHKOREA

2012: Inspired an organization to replace their consultant and consulting company with PPQC by evaluating their current implementation for adequacy and recommending that there was no need to implement the mandated non-value added infrastructure and activities.  Resulted in a cost savings of $200,000. #INDIA

2007:  Conducted time and motion studies to analyze and improve the Help Desk process to reduce the number of open inquiries by 43% and reduce the average duration of an inquiry by 57%, by streamlining the process and training technicians on the new process.  Resulted in a cost savings of $100,000. #USA

2004 - 2007:  Grew a client engagement of one consultant to a team of six consultants by delivering high quality consulting, training, and appraisal services.  Resulted in total revenue of $310,000. #USA

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