Charlie Arturaola, Film Producer Nicolas Carreras of the film The Duel of Wine goes to 37th Annual Telluride Wine Fest Colorado

Exclusive Screening: The Duel Of Wine with Charlie Arturaola and Argentinian Film Producer Nicolas Carreras. Photo © Osvaldo Villar.


The official Colorado debut of the award-winning international film, The "Duel of Wine", starring actor/sommelier/wine educator Charlie Arturaola Special Guests: The Duel of Wine star Charlie Arturaola from Miami Florida.

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The official Colorado Wine Film starts with of the award-winning international film, The Duel of Wine, starring actor, sommelier, wine educator and communicator Charlie Arturaola. 

Cinematograph Film Director Nicolás Carreras is born in Argentina. He is a Director of Group CactusCine. Buenos Aires is the South America Capital of the Movies since the 1930’s with the (films) of the unforgettable Carlos Gardel. Nicolas Carreras is a director, cinematographer and editor who also teach at the Universidad de Cine in his native Buenos Aires. Following many years working in film and TV, in 2011 he wrote and directed The Way of Wine, of which The Duel of Wine is a sequel. He has obtained several International Awards.

37th edition Telluride Wine Festival Inauguration Day 28th ending on 1st July 2018.


Synopsis:  Charlie fell from grace after starring in the film The Ways of Wine (Camino Del Vino). The history continues in the second film (The Duel of Wine) with the character he played, a “sommelier that lost his sense of taste,” become stuck to his image and brought his career to ruin. In “The Duel of Wine” His wife, Pandora, get him a way back into the wine tasting world, but he must work behind the scenes as a “ghost taster” for a young and ambitious sommelier Luca Gardini.

Thanks to Charlie’s palate Luca Gardini quickly becomes one of the most promising young sommeliers in the world of wine. Luca Gardini and Pandora are a hit in the big leagues (likes Baseball Colorado Rockies and Miami Marlins), and they are called to participate in The Great Wine Duel, the “World Cup” for wine tasters. Charlie is frustrated and decides not to participate. After a fight with his wife, he leaves to tour the small towns of Europe. On his journey, he realizes that his sense of taste has become sharper than ever, and is so incredible that it seems to verge on the fantastic. After meeting with important personalities in the field of wine of the Old World, he devises a plan to win back his wife and his lost fame to regain his crown and his marriage.

The Way of Wine is a film about the whirlwind lifestyle of Miami sommelier, Charlie Arturaola. There’s the glamour of travelling the world on a wine bottle, as he says. His whole life depends on his palate. Even his wife, Pandora, is his manager and books him to host tastings.

The Way of Wine and The Duel of Wine are fun films with larger-than-life Charlie Arturaola providing plenty of laughs and madcap silliness amongst the serious side of wine. Charlie is funny for those who work in wine, although, it is good to know (spoiler alert!) the pied piper gets a taste of cold, hard reality in the end. Charlie devises a stratagem that will allow him to participate in the competition: he will hide behind the mystery and buffoonery (like in a Moliere Comedy) of a disguise, the “Masked Count" becoming like the Count of Montecristo (By Alexander Dumas).

The film shows also the reality and difficulties on the international wine competition and represents a great opportunity to grasp any creative and cultural wine changes since Argentina, to Rioja Alavesa, Champagne Gosset (the oldest Champagne in the World), with International top Chefs (“Haute Cuisine”) like Cesare Casella NYC NY, Jean François Rouquette (“Pur”) Paris Place Vendome, Karlos Arguiñano (RTVE Euskadi), Italian Chef Giancarlo Vissani. Showing also portraits of a hospitality in the food Worlds of those most famous  Chefs and behind-the-scenes looks into what happens in the wine industry and kitchens of world-class chefs.

Chef Cesare Casella NYC, NY. 

The Duel of Wine changes the landscape of today’s film of Wine-Gastronomy and Wineries Tourism films industry. The filmmaker Nicolas Carreras showcased by 37th Annual Telluride Wine Festival has reached worldwide success. The festival keeps focusing on detecting new trends, creative experimentation, and connecting Winemakers, Wineries, filmmakers, actors, producers, emerging authors, most of who have been showcased by the most influential international festivals worldwide, such as Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, NY, Seminci Valladolid, Ireland New Zealand, and have come home with very prestigious awards. Such dedicated work has contributed in increasing the festival’s audiences over the decades, while also attracting the attention of American producers and distributors.


For 37 years, the Telluride Wine Fest has introduced unique experiences in wine, spirits, beer, and the culinary arts to attendees in the stunning San Juan Mountains of Southwestern, Colorado. This year, alongside Colorado’s own, Telluride Wine Festival is embracing the uniqueness of a different kind with its inaugural The Duel of Wine and his unique food pairing dinner. This event is one-of-a-kind and has never been done in a festival format. The Telluride Wine Festival brings to Colorado’s tourism industry and economy. Its  37th year, guests are invited to experience luncheons and dining delights hosted by local restaurants, tastings, and seminars by International Award Winning Wine Communicator IWSC (London) Charlie Arturaola (Grappolo Blu Miami) and some of the world’s most revered chefs, and sample wines and spirits from across the globe. Chefs will cook the most reputable and esteemed food and great wines of the world. Guest will have the opportunity to be involved in new experiences to be held to the highest standard.





FRIDAY, JUNE 29 9:45PM – 12:30AM

Join us for this unique tasting seminar with world-renown Sommelier/Actor Charlie Arturaola and Wine Writer/Sommelier and TWF Wine Director Christopher Sawyer, who will introduce wines made with grapes featured in the Italo-Argentinean comedy, The Duel of Wine about a sommelier (starring Arturaola) who has lost his sense of taste. The film screens after the seminar.  

*Seminar ticket includes entrance to the movie at 11am.



Wineries: Champagne Gosset), Txakoli, Soave, Caprai Montefalco, Chiarlo, Alpha Omega Collection, Catena, Paul Hobbs, Venissa

Winemakers/Proprietors: William Davis, Wilson Daniels; Ariel Casali, Vinita USA




FRIDAY, JUNE 29 11:00AM – 12:30PM


The official Colorado debut of the award-winning international film, The Duel of Wine, starring actor/sommelier/wine educator Charlie Arturaola.


Tickets for this event are available on an invitation-only basis. If you are interested in attending, please send a letter of interest to 

office 970.728.9790
PO box 1677
Telluride, Co 81435


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