CDs, DVDs Continue To Boost Direct Mail

Putting a disc into a direct mail piece is an effective way to entice consumers to open it, according to research sponsored by industry group DiscMail Direct and the Direct Marketing Association. The study, released in full at this week's DMA 2010 Conference & Exhibition in San Francisco, found that 91% of respondents said they would rather open a mailer that contains a DVD or CD.

The study found that almost three-quarters (73%) of the more than 800 consumer respondents said they actually played the discs on their computer.

The study also revealed that 59% of respondents believe a DVD is more secure than e-mail, and 85% prefer receiving a DVD or CD rather than an e-mail, indicating that consumer attitudes are still positive for disc media.

Larson Notes & Satire: I few short years ago I was moving over $40,000 of CD/DVDs though my business. Most to that was CD catalogs with a few music CDs thrown in for fun with a couple of small recording studios.

As my (personal) block of clients posted their catalogs on line, as the band width of the internet increased allowing larger files to move across. My B2B CD work shrank.

Yes we still do CD’s and DVD duplication/replication here at Larson’s. I use to be out there pushing multimedia work day in and day out. I use to push out these kinds of studies out all the time but have backed off for a few years but this one came flying across my desk today, so I though, heck why not push some CD’s today!

When I saw the number 91% I fell off my chair. You show me anything that is that high and I want my customers to be taking a look at it, to find a way to use it, to find a way to get a targeted package into the hands of their customers and prospects. If it still works that well, you need to take a second look, like I am, into the usefulness of this kind of advertising & marketing medium.

If you want to talk CDs or DVDs, we’re talking.

Howard Larson
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