CCI-CFA South Aude French Cooking Course and new book of French recipes @DLPDA in Carcassonne City Wolrd Heritage

In the pedagogical framework for a school year Florence Romatet (French history-geography teacher) and Chef Stéphane Dauge, teacher of cooking French cuisine) had the idea of ​​producing a cook recipe manual (cookbook) with a team of student's volunteers in CAP cooking 2nd year. With ingredients that are easy to find at the Aude producers (local and seasonal products), hyper-sober photos and dishes. This is #DLPDA 's successful alchemy.


The #CFA (Centre Formation for Adults) and its regional network, Marie Laure Augé Inspector of French National Education, CCI Sud Formation (Carcassonne), in partnership with the Occitan Region, The General Council of Aude, CCI Aude, Carole Le Bagousse Disciples of Escoffier Catalan & Occitan, Alphonse Caraca Chairman Occitania area with companions of Prosper Montagné, Cathar Country Aude, Agricultures and Territories Chamber of Agriculture of Aude. Chef Régis Marcon 3 stars #Michelinstars, Bocuse d'Or and disciple of Escoffier of the Catalan and Occitan countries, Adeline Cadet (amateur) designer for her work on the cover of the book, Françis Isambert.

Madam Tamara Rivel County Council (Conseil Déprtemental) Chairwoman of the Commission Quality of Life. in Carcassonne Aude.

Writing workshop - DLPDA kitchen: We take again to taste with the good smells of the French cooking, made with the products of the Aude soil, local seasonal products #MadeInAude young Audois, African lovers of the ultra-premium quality of our soil products used in cooking; it's very high quality and the multiple flavours. Are part of this exceptional project that had the support of Aude County Council partner producers and other sponsors.

This cookbook greets you by saying, "Do not be afraid! Difficult to escape the omnipresence of "Pedagogy in the plate", a beautiful cookbook with the ingredients photographed and recipes "the Chef proposes".

#DLPDA is a tasty mix of professional and educational know-how. The growing needs of FLE (French as a Foreign Language) and the fight against illiteracy are growing in number. Learning French takes its meaning when you want to integrate in France, and find work. In their daily lives, the teachers of the CCI Formation Sud Carcassonne have found this social and cultural need. Chef Stéphane Dauge and Florence Romanet (French, History and Geography teacher) had the idea to build a project around the writing workshop the project: "The Pedagogy in the Plate" (De la Pédagogie dans l'assiette) was born. They decided to put their apprentices in the situation through their own recruitment announcement.


The writing of this announcement was, therefore, the first step of the project since 6 young people were chosen on their ability to express their motivation and not on their writing skills.

Then came the (starter, main course, dessert with their masters, from our Local, regional products of the Aude.


From these 3 three creations, the writing workshops could start to set up depending on the difficulties encountered by the apprentices. In parallel with these writing workshops, the technical part of the gastronomy was led by the chef's chef until the complete preparation of the plate, the shooting coming to close the work of the apprentice.


French cuisine is more than just recipes. The superiority of French Haute Cuisine has always been to adapt without ever falling and to be always at the top of the world gastronomy. It is also, in this case, well-felt marketing and indisputable premium-quality of French cuisine is due to its richness, its fertility, the quality and unique splendour of our Made in France terroir products that offers his dishes very fresh and colourful from French local and regional traditions generously cooked and served with flavours adapted to today's delicate palates.

Since its launch on Monday, June 03, 2019, this cookbook with advanced marketing this book #DLPDA is in social networks and the beginning of the project a few months ago animated by Marion Pinar, Marine Zimmermann and Anaïs Granchamp, the #DLPDA pages on Facebook and @dlpda_ on Instagram today include a community that supports this book (to buy absolutely). These three girls are also in charge of book marketing.


This educational book and quick and easy recipes prove that the Aude producers are very sensitive to the way it was presented with an illustration using the latest developments in photography and network social marketing. The dishes were executed by the apprentices and Marion Pinar, Marine Zimmermann and Anaïs Granchamp then photographed them for the printing press Saint-Gély-du-Fesc Fr-34980 France.


The recipe for success, Camille Baum (18 years apprentice at the Auberge des Lices in Carcassonne (a City that is UNESCO World Heritage) Master-apprentice Mr Jean-Pierre Blasco) Vegetable plate around the truffle. We have certainly not invented the principle of simple cooking; there have always been easy cookbooks. But we were able to imagine a coherent concept, in form and in substance, explaining the manner of how to use the manual. Camille Baum Auberge des Lices in Carcassonne, there is no culinary style to magnify them, make them more appetizing.

Educational cooking and fresh local products

The edition seems true to have perfectly digested one of the aspirations of the moment, that of a recovery in hand of the contents of its plate, with recipes nicely creative, the apprentices were also able to count on the best products that can count the department of Aude and its producers to make their recipes. Like those of Maxime Rieux (20 years apprentice at the 3 Crowns hotel in Carcassonne with the Master Sébastien Paul). He is a cook and chemist always looking for the right formula. His recipe "Omble Chevalier marinated, almond crust, 1000 leaves of creamy green cabbage of butternut" of the fish farm La Fajolle 11140 Pays de Sault. Thanks to its crust of parmesan and hazelnut, the flavours and the cooking of the shadow knight are sublimated; its accompaniments bring both character and sweetness to this refined dish.


We now see the desire for a return to local products of the season #MaDeInAude #MadeInFranceGood! The ingredients are ultra-premium quality.


Moussa Baradji apprentice under the aegis of Master Madame Fatia Taïder that runs the restaurant Saint-Jean to the City of Carcassonne World Heritage. He loves the quality of French cuisine and wants to become Cordon Bleu and Chef. He takes advantage of this opportunity of the educational project "Pedagogy in the plate" to show that an immigrant can express himself in French and participate in the project of French haute cuisine! His recipe "Supreme Guinea Fowl Stuffed with Walnut Butter, risotto of oyster mushrooms with green lentils, simply reduced juice".

This dish is an association of local products sublimated by gourmet touches such as walnut butter in the guinea fowl that combines perfectly in the oyster mushroom or the work of the lens in risotto.

There are all the cooking technique and product education. Because you can make all the recipes by going shopping, at the producers or at the local market!

Indeed, this book responds to a request: that of a kitchen with Local and Seasonal products #MadeInAude  #MadeInPaysCathare#MadeInOccitanie #MadeInregionOccitanie #MadeInFranceGood

A kitchen with easy-to-find products, homemade grated carrots are better than an industrial tray.

Students educate the product. Because we can realize all the recipes just by going shopping, directly from the producers of the Aude. Upstream, there is a whole culinary story to tell.  


Mohamed Sylla is a student 19 years old learning cooking in the Grand Café de Limoux Master of teaching Bruno Talercio). He offers us his recipe "On a creamy emulsion with olive oil MONCITA soufflé of scallops with chives, simply stiffened coral".

Mohamed's tip: Mix the scallops in small pulses so as not to heat the flesh and not damage the product.


Adam Vabre is learning gastronomy and cooking course in the restaurant Estrella in Carcassonne UNESCO World Heritage. Master of teaching Rudy Marion. The recipe is Crispy potatoes from Pays de Sault, smoked salmon and green pepper vodka cream. If you do not have a blini stove you can use four individual stainless steel circles to keep the round shape or to cook a slab in a medium skillet if possible non-stick then for the dressing to detail in four like parts of cakes.

Brice Minguet 17 years old (apprentice at Odalisque Limoux, apprentice Master Svenerik Choplin) Royal sea bream with a mustard crust, winter vegetables with mustard holland sauce. This is a very good combination of the sea bream with a parmesan crust, hazelnut and mustard. The sweetness of the hollandaise sauce slightly raised will greedily increase the vegetable just crunchy.


Clement Mengardon is an apprentice under the aegis of Master Jerome Ryon. He is 25 years old and he is learning at the Hotel de la Cité in Carcassonne. His recipe is "Tempura of prawns Rémoulade of raw vegetables and sweet and sour sauce".


Léo Achille is 21 years old and he is an apprentice at Domaine d'Auriac in Carcassonne. The Master is Philippe Deschamps.

Scallops just stiffened and Coppa, Barigoule de Poivrade, lemon and coral pulp, zucchini flower stuffed with white wine sauce at Noilly Prat. This project of CCI Sud Formation Cuisine #DeLaPédagogieDansLassiette.

The CCI Sud Carcassonne and the FPA brings together not only the apprentices of CAP cuisine but also other students in training at the CCI: Bacs + 3 Project Managers Web! With for aim to bring together a maximum of skills present in the school.

It is clear that it is now a matter of educating, helping young people, training them in the kitchen, gastronomy trades will be opening the doors to social reintegration while being attentive to the desires of the people, to the air of the contemporary time of the century XXI. The cookbook #DLPDA. Locals products, seasonal products, simplified recipes in keeping with modern life are tracks that apprentice students of the CCI Formation Sud were explored.
The book #DLPDA sticks to the freshest trends of contemporary consumption. An easy-to-read book with recipes from the French haute cuisine that has its place and its audience. I think DLPDA is at the beginning of something important.


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