One of the biggest benefits to blogging is that it really does help with search engine optimization. You get traffic for each of the different keywords that are related to your article.

One idea that came to surface was having a blog that was generating a high amount of traffic and as it got older that SE interest dissipated. This idea was to regenerate the blog. Do some research to see what key words were generating the activity, and then tweak the blog title, the headline and the article incorporating some updated faces or information. If done right you can see the same kind of interest from the SE’s as the blog before this one.

As an additional add on, write a new article that links to the old article and you have an additional link that references the relevant keywords making your article even more powerful and popular

Larson note: This can also be done in linking your blog to other web pages or blogs that blend in with yours. The end goal aside from rankings is your purpose for your blog. Mine is to generate ideas, thoughts and business. Higher rankings help in this effort.

So the question I lay before you is, what is the purpose of your blog?

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*Source: Direct Marketing Association, HubSpot

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Comment by Howard Larson on January 15, 2009 at 9:34am
SM is a very difficult animal to get a handle on. But then so too are blogs and interesting part of a companies marketing attack. You are right in that higher SE rankings are really only frosting on the cake. A community of professionals branding to thrive...

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