You can be writing your own blog. It is really quite simple, just sit down and write as if you were speaking.

Really it is just that easy. No more procrastination. No more sweaty hands. No more using large, 8 syllable words. Just relax and write. Write as if you were talking to a close friend

Writing the way you talk does not give you permission to write bad. What it does is help keep you focused to be a better more productive focused writer.

Here’s how to use “write the way you talk” to end all the insecurities and avoid sounding like a complete idiot:

1. Imagine your talking with a friend. Write like you are having a good conversation with your best buddy. So when you’re writing, think about how you would explain your chosen topic of the day to a close friend who is sitting next to you.

If you were having a conversation with your friend, what words would you use? What would you talk about first? What questions would they ask you?

2. Record yourself. Not sure what you sound like, try recording yourself. If you talk to on the phone regularly, record the call and listen to it later (Be sure to check the laws in your state first. Some states require you get the other party’s permission before you record).

3. Take a deep breath, relax, take a sip of coffee, and just be yourself. When you write the way you talk, you can’t help but put your personality into the piece. Weave in a couple of good, topical, personal stories and you’re on your way.

4. Use the same words that you normally use. If you write the way you talk, you’ll be more apt to use common, everyday words that you would normally use. Words people understand and don’t need to run to the dictionary to look up. Use the KISS method, Keep It Simple Stupid. That way your writing is simple and clear. If the average person needs to get a dictionary out to know what you’re trying to say, then you need a different word.

5. Toss out the rule book and just start writing. Yes there are rules about grammar, writing styles, active versus passive voice, and punctuation. I don’t know if I have ever met an English teacher that liked me. Just keep focused on getting your points across, and don’t worry about anything else. Once you’ve done that, go back reread and fix what doesn’t sound right.

After you’ve done that, hit save and leave it till morning, come back and look at it again. A freash head cleared out might find some additional changes to make.

6. Find a friend. Want to make sure that what you write actually sounds readable and like you? Get a friend to read it, and let them be critical.

7. Read what you wrote out loud. When you read it aloud you will find all those awkward sentences that you sort of skim over when you just read it to yourself. You will find yourself stumbling over words and sentences that don’t quite fit together

So go ahead, as the Nike slogan says, “Just Do It!”

Larson Notes & Satire: It is really that simple. No English major, no degree in composition. If you are an avid reader of mine, you know I don’t follow any rules real when I blog. I have a basic outline and then, I think it and write it. It is sort of obvious isn’t it? Outside of keeping on my chosen target of blogging about marketing and advertising I just let it flow.

But here I am writing and blogging away and there you are reading. And at the same time my web site is getting a record number of hits and I have been able to hire a new person this month so…

Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
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