Think about what happens to your heart and your breathing and your swallowing pattern when you hear "Bad News"...

Even if we send out a MILLION positive messages, many people will more quickly open a message titled "Bad News" than any of the most helpful messages you and I can conceive of sharing with them.

But, this is not an announcement of "bad news".  

Rather, it's a message to encourage you through bad news which YOU, too, might have to share!

Live long enough, get involved in life enough and you, too, will most certainly have bad news to share!

And, yet, who prepares us to discuss hard to discuss things?

We corner ourselves into being mere amateurs in one of the most critical areas in which every, single, living adult human being  must prepare to handle: Bad news.

We're not children.

Yet, when it comes to discussing bad news, some of us are no more skilled at sharing bad news than a 7 year old child.

Though there may be a book or two or maybe a course of two on sharing bad news, will you have time to read it and absorb it before sharing your bad news...???

Bad news is NOT "US"...

It's not our "WHOLE" self, our whole person, our whole life/

It's what we're experiencing and/or observing as we travel through this challenging to navigate life.

We have the option of being either adults or of being children.

If we chose to be adults, COMFORTABLE adults, let's not let a "boogey man" like "bad news" stop us from POSITIVELY ASSERTING and PROCLAIMING OUT OF OUR OWN MOUTHS OUR OWN, PREFERRED CHOICE OF ADULTHOOD!

Let's not be 7 year old children when it comes to handling bad news.

Let's be FULL, 100% ADULTS ...capable of admitting what we're observing, capable of admitting what we're experiencing.

ADMISSION leads to HEALING! (There are admission rooms at hospitals for a reason! (I know that's a play on words! :-) ))

If we can't even admit it, the bad news will become WORSE NEWS...

Again, one of the most difficult, most dangerous things to sit on is bad news.

But, if you have to share bad news, SHARE IT!

Ultimately, it's healthier!

It's healthier for you and for those whom you deeply care about ... those whom you LOVE!!!

SUGGESTION: Think something like this: "I'm not the "bad news" I must share. The bad news is the bad news."

(This is merely a suggestion. If you have better ways of making it easier to share bad news, great. PLEASE SHARE WITH US! :-) )

Of course, once you've shared bad news, you're going to have to renew YOU.

It is for the latter reason that, in addition to having hundreds of business and social media groups, is also replete with positive, self-renewing, encouragement-based groups such as these: 

  1. Attractionese |
  2. Keep STRONG |
  3. Pursuing Relentless Optimism |
  4. The Biggest Business In The World |
  5. Yearnalism |
  6. YEScipes | 
  7. Healthese
  8. Healese |
  9. To Heal On September Eleventh  | and

You CAN handle BAD NEWS ... and THAT, Dear Friend is GOOD NEWS!


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