BacchusUSA: Buy AurumRed the world's most elegant and Luxuries wine

BacchusUSA: Buy AurumRed the world's most elegant & luxuries wine

It is elaborated in the #Pedroñeras (#Cuenca) and only leads to the sale of 150 bottles

The sommelier Hilario Garcia assures that it is the demand of a market in constant increase which makes the price.

Ozone changed the life of Hilario Garcia (Pedroñeras, in Cuenca Spain in 1963). For many years he worked as an adviser for companies until in 2004 he had a health concern that made him resort to the ozone techniques that were beginning to develop in the Ruber Clinic of Madrid. The treatment made its effect and decided to continue to research in his own laboratory and through some clinics, he (she) has mounted.

"I have verified that I can apply to this type of techniques that are used to treat diseases or in veterinary applications and in viticulture, grape varieties, vines etc. in order to control wounds and certain diseases of the vine," says Garcia. The objective of this wine project that started in 2009 in Les Pedroñeras, with ozone as the protagonist was to obtain healthy and balanced wines. Not in vain Garcia chooses the land and plants vines of Tempranillo or Cencibel (another name of the Tempranillo grape), Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc in an excellent clay soil, with lime and minerals and some organic materials with special characteristics. This is not the only factor, because water also plays an important role in the development of #AurumRed wines, since it is energetically treated and loaded with ozone.

The vines and grape varieties are processed by the owner, in order to move his personalized character to the wine. The vines cannot be pruned until when the sap has fallen to the good moon, like the Roman vines, the Romans cut it in the autumn.

The cellar is completely sterilized by ozone so as not to be contaminated by external agents so that the wine ages in harmony with the natural multiple inputs. There is only one oenologist who has the right of access.

Its development is a know-how that ends with a very meticulous care. This ultra-premium and ultra-fine wine is elaborated so that it is the best and finest wine in the world but also the most expensive wine in the world.

Hilario Garcia says that it's the market, the demand that sets the price. Today it is available for sales in the United States. Brett Baker Communications Director of BacchusUSA (exclusive distribution agent (the USA and Europe) confirms that there are always customers willing to pay the price, especially for very large princely weddings, VIP celebrities, celebs, professionals of the wine world, because it is a unique wine, different with the guarantee of unique and different aromas according to age. Another element that raises the price upward is its rarity and elegance. 300 bottles per year, made from 250 centenary grape varieties, with only 150 bottles, half of the production, available for sale to customers, who are well-known connoisseurs, and the other half of the annual production. the cellar like gold and diamonds at the bank that keeps for years without depreciating!

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