Bacchus USA Fine Wines: The Bleu Wine #MadeInCorsica France pairing with #Christmas Oysters, Lobsters, Shrimps and all seafood dishes

IMAJYNE a CORSICA wine #IMAJYNE a 2,000-Year-Old Roman Wine

IMAJYNE expected and captivating, opening the horizon and the field of possibilities. As blue as the Corsican mountains as gazed upon from the Mediterranean sea, IMAJYNE reveals the perfect balance between mineral, coral and vegetal. You will be surprised by the unique colour and character of this precious and exclusive ancient blue wine (dating since Julius Caesar). A pure expression of nature. Know How: Registered patent of a Roman recipe, amended and improved by the owner's father. With harvests taking place at night, the crop is rinsed with sea water, the wine is then blended with seaweed, coral and plants giving it its electric blue colour … leaving residual sugar for a perfect balance. The Grapes: Made with 95% Vermentino and 5% Muscat grapes, they are carefully matured and crafted; enhancing the flavours when pressed, blended with sea minerals, herbs and seaweed giving birth to a rare and surprising blue wine.
The Wine: Stored at the bottom of the seabed, rises a refreshing wine rich in antioxidants. A refreshing sea minerality aroma, with apricot and citrus tones, makes this wine perfect for an aperitif, Christmas Season's Oysters, Lobsters, shrimps Christmas dishes, Coquilles Saint Jacques, raw fish pairing, or just sharing a glass of wine with friends.

IMAJYNE The Original concept of IMAJYNE first came to life in the imagination of Jean-Yves Milanini Auiol, a hedonist and avant-garde man, passionate about the Earth and its pleasures, the name has also something to do with John Lennon. Witnessing the birth of a vineyard in the heart of the South Corsica village "Figari" family's Inn is the dream of a lifetime. He passed away too soon, but the tenacity and passion of his sons gave life to the dream of their father – helped by the magic of nature. As a sign of beauty, the island showcases its surprises. This first cuvee captivates by displaying an unprecedented naturally pure and intense electric blue colour. IMAJYNE was named after the initials of his great wine lover “MAJY” and reflects the bewitching power of nature. This wine is also Sylvain's and Bruno's beautiful legacy and tribute to their father accompanied by a wine expert. It's also a tribute to his lifelong friend Enki Bilal and John Lennon. The famous designer of “blue” wine, with a strong identity and rich history. IMAJYNE having this wine on your Christmas table...

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