Time, money, emotional energy... that's networking

If you a room warrior here are 25 great ways to get the most from your time and energy!

25 Tips for Surviving Your Next Networking Event

1.    Know your introduction/Elevator Speech WELL. Practice, practice, practice!! Always hone your speech.

2.    Hit their Heart and their Head. People buy with their heart and justify with their heads. PLAY TO BOTH.

3.    Find the Coffee Bar. A few steps from the coffee bar gives you the best vantage point since most people look to the bar for a short respite from an overwhelming experience.

4.    Be yourself. This is relationship building. Be genuine!!

5.    Keep it conversational.

6.    Set reasonable expectations. What is your goal? Meet 5 people? 10? 2?

7.    Manage Your Expectations. One quality conversation is more beneficial than 20 superficial conversations.

8.    Set a time limit. Keep the pressure off yourself.

9.    Don't spread yourself too thin.

10.    Ask for an Introduction by someone who knows everyone.

11.    Practice empathic listening

12.    Share personal stories.

13.    Take notes so you can be more specific when you follow up.

14.    Introduce yourself to the organizer.

15.    Treat people like friends.

16.    Ask great questions.

17.    Sharing is caring. If you share, others will share with you.

18.    Consider their network. They may not be able to help you directly but someone in their network may be able to.

19.    Treat connecting like a puzzle. If you are asking great questions and considering how you can help others, you'll naturally start to draw connections.

20.    Don't be a card spammer. If you haven't built enough rapport with someone to encourage them to ask for your card, don't offer them one.

21.    Be specific. Help people really understand what you do and how they can help you if they ask.

22.    Ask yourself why they should care.

23.    Be engaged. Maintain eye contact with your conversation partner. Make them feel like you care. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care!

24.    DO NOT "work the room!" Focus on a few solid connections. Be memorable. Aim to meet a few people, and begin a meaningful dialogue.

25.    Don't be afraid to join in. There is nothing wrong with joining another conversation. Just wait for the opportunity to introduce yourself.

So come up and say hello and lets make business happen

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