This technology is so powerful that it boggles the mind, first we all know about Google Ad words and all of know that the web searches have replaced over 60 percent of the yellow pages. Additionally we know that advertising your product on line is growing much faster than the brick and mortar stores. With that said let me give you an example; lets say you were a business that was very localized and only drew from two or three zip codes i.e. a barber shop, if your barber shop used this technology and someone went to Google and searched barber shops from one of the zip codes you reserved your name would pop up on the top of the list even if you don't have a web site, the viewer could see a video of the inside of your barber shop, see a photo of you, print a special coupon you were running and get driving directions to your location. In another instance, if you were a church and a new person moved into the neighborhood and wanted to find a church of their denomination, they could Google (or any of 100 other search engines) and find the nearest church that fit their needs. These are only two examples but you can let your mind run wild, if you sold a product that could be shipped or was specific to certain areas of the country you could use those zip codes and when a person from one of those zip codes searched your business would pop up... you can see an over view at amazing technology, isn’t it great to live in the age we are currently living in. We all know that businesses need help today, I think this technology will cost effectively help them more than anything I have seen in all my years of being in business.
Bob Chapman

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