Advertising / Marketing / Channel Usage For 2010

Considering this study was done at the end of last year, beginning of this year it will be interesting to see how the percentages all play out. This is the 4th year of this study done by Target Marketing. Happily 43.5% of marketers plan to keep budgets level with last year’s expenditures and 40% plan no decreases so that is the good news for people and companies like mine.

This year the study tracked 3 different vertical markets B2B, B2C and Mixed. Being in the B2B I am personally more interested in that segment of the study but will be posting different parts as the next few days go by.

So for starters Lets look at overall Media Marketing budget projected for 2010 vs. 2009


13% Decrease

23% Increase

55% Staying the same

9% Not sure


31% Decrease

22% Increase

42% Staying the same

5% Not sure


30% Decrease

23% Increase

40% Staying the same

7% Not sure

This is the year of doing more with less so companies will be looking really hard at the ROI on each and every expenditure. Email tops the list (it is cheap to run a campaign) with 24%, followed by direct mail coming in at 20% and telemarketing taking 3rd place with 11%, with SEO coming in at 4th with. Again since telemarketing and direct mail comprised over 50% of Larson & Associates sales we are again pleased with the forecast.

Part 2 Channel Plans

Advertising on Web Sites

32.9% Increase

5.8% Decrease

37.1% Stay the same

24.2% Do not use

Affiliate Marketing

22.0% Increase

6.1% Decrease

34.5% Stay the same

24.2% Do not use

Direct Mail

31.8% Increase

19.9% Decrease

34.8% Stay the same

13.5% Do not use

DR Radio

4.3% Increase

4.5% Decrease

11.4% Stay the same

79.8% Do not use


68.4% Increase

3.3% Decrease

23.5% Stay the same

4.8% Do not use

Insert Media

10.9% Increase

5.1% Decrease

26.0% Stay the same

58.0% Do not use

Mobile Marketing

19.3% Increase

2.0% Decrease

13.1% Stay the same

65.6% Do not use

Search Engine Marketing

45.2% Increase

4.1% Decrease

30.8% Stay the same

19.9% Do not use

Search Engine Optimization

47.7% Increase

4.0% Decrease

31.1% Stay the same

17.2% Do not use

Telemarketing (outbound)

20.2% Increase

8.6% Decrease

22.5% Stay the same

48.7% Do not use


24.5% Increase

4.5% Decrease

20.5% Stay the same

50.5% Do not use

* Target Marketing January 18th thru 27th, 396 respondents 42% B2B, 24% B2C, 34% Mixed

To note here, the Big 3 of marketing email, direct mail and telemarketing (all of which Larson’s offers) are holding up in usage. Also to take note is that 3 media options have been removed and 2 other categories added those removed being catalogs, (included in direct mail), fax blasts, and podcasts. New this year are affiliate marketing and social media.

Larson Notes & Satire: So there you have the first part of this study of some 396 respondents. Now you can sit back and compare how your company stacks up in comparison and make any adjustments you might think make sense when comparing yourself to the professionals. There again a marketing plan is always a work in process and can and should be changed as the year and economic changes. If you cast your budget in stone you might get stonewalled.

I hope to add to this report tomorrow or at the latest Friday. To note is that Ning is planning on “closing” so of the places you might find our little blog on May 1st. (Bad move on their part but it’s their site to do as they will) so you might want to consider becoming a follower of our official blog located at .

If you need help in any of these areas we can help you, for a fee of course and heck I’ll through in a FREE search engine submission just for the fun of it.

Howard Larson

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