A Vision, A Revelation!!!!

Recently I was an a Symposium, here is Seattle, Wa. It was being run by the people from Abrita and specifically Shally Steckerl, who I have known for some time. At some point in the symposium the subject of what are we, as staffing professionals all about. I do not recall exactly how is came about, whether someone actually said this, or enough things were said to lead me to this "revelation", but somehow I came away with a epiphany of sorts. What exactly are we, as staffing professionals really all about?

The conclusion I came up with, or the vision I had was simply, (again not sure if this was actually said, eluded to, or somehow it just hit me) we are about "Helping people to connect with their destinies". Think about this for a minute. Whether it is helping the candidate find the perfect job, or the company find the perfect candidate. We are helping them find their destinies. That place were at that point in time they belong.

So given this "revelation" I have made it my vision statement. I want to "Help people to connect with their destiny". I want that "win win" scenario that only happens when the destiny of employer and candidate intersect. Even if only temporarily.

So given this, we as staffing professional are not simply in the business of hiring and filling positions, but of aligning the destinies of employer and candidate to form the ultimate win win scenario, or as I call it the "The Utopian Effect". Think of it as the mythical, when the stars align and all is right in the world. In this case it is the destinies of candidate and employer aligning . This event can happen frequently if the hiring manager and staffing professional are aligned to form a "hiring team" (see blog title " Bring the Hiring Manager Closer to Staffing(HMCS) Methodology") and will also be the ultimate reward for any staffing professional.

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Comment by Vincent Wright on July 22, 2012 at 10:43pm

Nice epiphany, Dean...

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