A must-see resource for IT industry professionals

Just a quick post to announce my new website today, covering   services and capabilities.  The press release may be read here... OR just read below!

A, “must-see,” resource for IT industry professionals who may review service offerings, rates and or make direct contact with easy to use system!

The launch of the website is key, as clients can review Nash’s service offerings, review rates and contact him directly with an easy to use system. His responsiveness and professionalism is what helps him get the job done, no matter what the scale of a project.

“Scott has always been a top notch project manager during the times that I have worked for him. Always provides the most information to ensure that there are no questions in order to accomplish the install for the client,” Samuel Buchanan, IT Specialist at Smart Source Inc. said.

His work with Smart Source Inc., a leading IT staffing and solutions agency for over two decades equips Nash to suit clients’ needs. The launch of his new site provides the information and access clients need to reach their IT staffing needs.

Nash is available for a vertically integrated process to ease the burden HR professionals frequently endure. Nash is available to screen and interview candidates to ensure a clean fit for any group.

“His efforts took our Chicago office from a start-up to the third largest branch in the company, ” Sr. Account Manager with Equus Computer Systems, Marko Mladenovich said.

To learn more about what Nash can do, visit his website at: http://www.iamscottnash.com/

Nash’s IT staffing services partner with clients to recruit, hire and retain the right candidates conforming to their IT needs.

Recognizing that technical resources may be needed for long- and short-term durations without increasing fixed costs, Nash offers a comprehensive IT staffing solution that provides companies opportunity to evaluate their resources and implement a staffing plan at a predictable cost structure.

Scotts contact info. is also here:

Scott Nash
(630) 607-7203



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