A Community Exercise: Why WOULDN'T You Hire This Person?

Here’s one that’s got me stomped: For the life of me, I can’t figure out why someone hasn’t hired a professional with The background listed in the resume below. Care to do an exercise with me and see if we as a community can help her get hired?

Senior Executive

Organizational Manager / Financial Strategist /
Global Process Improvement Strategist

Financial Services / Multinational Corporations / Venture Capital

Integrate my leadership skills, organizational management expertise, and analytical skills that improved financial plans, increased business outcomes, and altered long-range plans affecting $10M - $500B industries. Targeting a company that values aggressive cutting-edge business strategies that focus on integrity-based leadership.

Organizational Leader Process Improvement Specialist Dynamic Planner & Researcher
Astute Problem Solver Cutting Edge Business Manager Integrated Systems Director
Full P & L Responsibility Budgetary / Financial Analyst-Expert Equity & Market Experience


Recruited by Governor’s office to lead Human Resources from crisis to proactive style of management. Overcame resistance to change, quantified annual payroll expenditure ($300M), championed and led project team to replace manual payroll system with automated system. Realized $2M annual payroll savings by identifying and eliminating “excessive” overtime. Result: Improved payroll processing operations despite 60% staff reduction. Eliminated complaint backlog.

Financial Analyst on Competitor Assessment Team. Study used to determine optimal teaming arrangement for manufacture of new generation of fighter plane. Compiled financial data, prepared forecasts and performed analyses showing implications of varying business assumptions. Result: Company won multi-billion contract.

Matrix Reporter to Managing Director & VP. Increased revenue 24% and reduced costs 15% achieving distinctions as most productive agency. Result: A Corporate Office Commendation for Consecutive unprecedented, annual “above-average” compliance reviews.

Project Manager for development of company-wide Information Resource Management (IRM) Strategic Plan. Provided guidance to 40+ managers, project leaders and administrators on forecasting methodology, planning assumptions, financial guidelines and performance objectives. Result: Corporate IRM approved $160M plan. Designed and automated management reporting system using Apple Macintosh.


Management Consultant
Consultant to international start-up, small business owners, franchise owners, and non-profit organizations.

Project Manager/Senior Business Consultant 2004 - 2005
Provided consulting to small and midsize companies. Analyzed business operations, developed and implemented action plans to increase profits and operational efficiency that increased their projected productivity by 20%.

Director of Human Resources (Appointed by Governor of State) 2001-2002
Recruited to lead HR function for agency of 10,500+ employees from crisis to proactive style of management. Directed recruitment, affirmative action, hiring, compensation, benefits, labor relations, staff development, and training. Ensured compliance as mandated by federal laws, union agreements, and state personnel policies.

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Overcame resistance to change, quantified annual payroll expenditure ($300M), championed and led project team to replace manual payroll system with automated system. Identified “excessive” overtime and $2M annual payroll savings. Improved payroll processing operations despite 60% staff reduction. Eliminated complaint backlog.

Developed and implemented $1M training program. Plan approved by Governor’s office during state budget crisis. Plan praised by legislators for creativity, cooperative development, and addressing issue with action. Collaborative effort included State Personnel, Department of Workforce Development, local residents, employees, two unions and state AFL-CIO Labor Institute for Training.

Operations & Control Manager (including HR Functional Manager) 1994 - 2000
Profit/loss responsibility for State operations. Day-to-day responsibility for decisions regarding budgets, human resources, technology, and facilities. Maintained compliance as mandated by SEC, NASD, state securities, insurance department laws, and company policies and procedures. Developed long-term business plans, strategies and budget objectives.

Matrix reporting responsibility to VP Compliance and Managing Director, increased revenue 24% and reduced costs 15%, earned distinction as most productive agency and received corporate office commendation for consecutive “above-average” compliance reviews.

Managed two downsizings and merger of two companies with vastly different corporate cultures (including union and non-union personnel), operations, and systems.

Selected as pilot site for corporate office initiatives to expand markets by offering new financial products and services. Managed project implementation and incorporated into business planning model. Pre-requisite requirements for management and selected staff included additional securities registration, advance product training, proprietary software training, additional compliance requirements and oversight.

Held a variety of responsible roles including: Senior Specialist – Automation, Specialist - Financial Planner Senior Financial Planner, Financial Planner and Associate Financial Accountant

One of four selected for high potential training program. Program included executive staff assignments, accelerated coursework, project and committee assignments. Only divisional administrator with simultaneous responsibility for all three integrating functions:
Human Resources – Provided salary review, performance appraisals and affirmative action for 1,500 employees.

Budgeting – Forecasted and managed capital and overhead budgets ranging from $20M - $30M; developed return-on-investment plans and managed recovering cost savings from capital investments.

Office Automation – Led resource planning, budgeting and project implementation with expenditures.

Executive Staff Assignments- Vice president of Plans and Operations Development, Program Manager IRM,

Director of Financial Planning and Administration, Director of Strategic Management and Program Manager of Quality.

Committee Assignments - HR Committee – recommended company-wide policy; Employee Disciplinary Committee - reviewed cases and recommended actions for security and other policy violations.


Specialization in Public Finance & Management
• HUD Internship

Dean’s List, Alpha Kappa Delta National Honor Society and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
• Completed 26 of 41 hours toward post-baccalaureate certificate in accounting


McDONNELL DOUGLAS - Coursework: Fiscal Training Program, Contracts & Pricing Training, Subsystem Manager Training, Managerial Competence in Engineering, Participative Management, Management Improvement Program, Personal Productivity Improvement, Managing the Problem Employee, Affirmative Action Program, Ethical Decision Making, Performance Appraisal, Effective Communication and Juran Quality Improvement Program.

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Comment by Vincent Wright on April 11, 2010 at 4:05am
Excellent points from both of you. I'll share your thoughts with her.
Comment by Michael Beddows on April 3, 2010 at 1:38am
For better or worse, recruiters seem to zoom in on the most recent experience. The 2002-Present Management Consulting section is a bit light. The summary section at the beginning could also be tighter, with more focus. That's just mho, after reading and writing a ton of resumes, lol.
Comment by Vincent Wright on April 27, 2008 at 7:51pm
Fantastic, Shandi! I'll share your detailed response with her. - By the way: she really is a great woman - just needs to get the resume to match who she really is...
Comment by Vincent Wright on April 17, 2008 at 7:50am
You bring up a couple of good points. I don't have detailed answers to address your concerns. However, I can say the following:

1. The brilliantly educated woman is part of what's called "The Sandwich Generation". Which means that her caeer was "sandwiched" in betwee raising children - who are now in college - and caring for parents - who are now deceased. That frees her up to return to the job market. And I believe that with her having an advanced degree from one of the world's greatest universities, she should return to the market. Certainly, she shouldn't stay out of the job market.

2. While it seems obvious that if she did great work as a consultant that her clients should hire her, there's one matter to consider: why did the company decide to turn to consultants in the first place? Someone inside the company made the determination that that particular job should be handled by consultants. So, most companies I know of don't hire their consultants into full-time, regular hire positions - even those who've done great work...

Rushing to a meeting but, sincerely appreciate your feedback.

Comment by Vincent Wright on April 17, 2008 at 7:39am
Great, detailed feedback, Kirti. I'll certainly share it with her. Thanks very much. - Vincent
Comment by Vincent Wright on April 16, 2008 at 12:53pm
Thanks! I'll point her to your responses.

And by the way: please note that "that oh so huge photo" is gone! :-)

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