A Business Marketing Exercise - What's Your Top 10?

A "Must Read" for business start-up or revision of your marketing strategy.

I just finished posting a 5 part series on the questions you should be asking yourself whenever you are starting or revising your marketing strategy. Without assessing these, you are going to be hard pressed to gain an edge in your market. To make the exercise more REAL to everyone, I used my own business as the canon fodder.

Assessments of your own business should be a part of your business plan addressing both positive and negative issues. In todays market, you cannot allow just your passion to drive the show. The real art is turning negatives into positives, or just outweighing their influence by having an overwhelming positive influence.

Come along for the ride. I hope you enjoy it.


"What's Your Top 10?"

Best Regards,

Shannon Panzo

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