4 Key Steps of an Effective Marketing Campaign

1. Create a personalized experience across multiple channels (Lead Generation)

The way people consume information has dramatically changed and therefore we are working for you, our client – and are to adapting these changes.  Successful marketing campaigns more than ever are utilize multiple channels to reach their target audience. No single medium is strong enough any longer to cut through the clutter. It just does not work any more.

Orchestrating so many channels efficiently can be difficult, especially if you are going to segment your target into multiple homogenous groups for better targeting. Thankfully, there is technology to help. With marketing automation software, you can easily integrate different channels and use them strategically to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

That is why we at Larson & Associates made a major purchase for the licensing to some really heavy marketing software and system last Thursday.

2. Build and cultivate a relationship (Lead Nurturing)

Orchestrating multiple channels is good enough to get you on the radar. But in order to keep your target audience engaged, you need to build and cultivate a relationship. Turn more leads to paying customers by building lead nurturing campaigns. Using marketing software, you can create series of carefully crafted messages, and deliver them through different channels in a timely fashion and always “stay in touch” with your target market.

Not everyone is ready to buy right away, but when the time comes – if you are on the top of mind of your potential buyers – there’s a good chance they’ll come to you first.

3. Find those who are most interested (Lead Scoring)

Here’s where marketing automation can significantly increase the productivity of your sales and marketing machine: It gives your team the ability to clearly identify the best prospects. You can assign a score to the key events in your marketing program (e.g. submitting a form, opening an email, clicking on a link, having a direct mail postcard sent etc.) and gauge who is most engaged with your message. Lead scoring allows you to read the digital body language of your target market and find those who are most interested in your product and services.

4. Send (only) “sales-ready” leads to the sales team – immediately

Help your sales team close more deals by sending them the leads that are qualified and have expressed interest in your product or services. Larson has the touch point people to hit a designated times in the process to talk to them but once engaged are a certain numerical level you can send an automated text message or an email to a rep when a lead reaches to a certain score or performs an important event .

It is never that easy but. . . 

That is why I keep an eye out for what I consider the most progressive technology while at the same time keeping things as low tech as possible. If your are not Larson & Associates customer this might be a reason to come on over and start a campaign with us.

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