If There Is A War For Talent, Why Is It So Hard For You To Find A Job?

In my industry of choice, the recruitment industry, there is the long standing mantra of "a war for talent". As a Recruiter, I know all too well how fierce it is to find clients, find candidates, and to bring them together in a timely fashion in order to get paid for doing so. I'm also aware that the US Economy lost more than 80,000 jobs in the month of March 2008, alone. But, here's my question: "If there is a war for talent, why is it so hard for you to find a job?" Perhaps we should start a new mantra: "A war for jobs"... -- Thanks, Vincent Wright www.VincentWright.com (My Linkedin Profile) www.MyLinkingPowerForum.com (Linking Power groups) www.MyLinkedinPowerForum.com (8,600 members) http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/1304/10BE4F71AFD0 (7,000 members)

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Comment by Vincent Wright on April 7, 2008 at 2:22am
Wonderfully well presented, Purshottam. Thanks, indeed. -Vincent

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