There is so much talk about leadership skills and some people--I think--attack it like they do learning any other skill, with their head rather than with their heart. There are a several books that come to mind when I think about transformational leadership. One is “Leadership and Self-Deception” published by The Arbinger Institute and another is "Time to Think" by Nancy Kline. There are many others the common theme of which is that true transformational leadership—practicing a lifestyle that brings about true positive, lasting change—requires one to change their own thinking and actions without expectations that require the same from anyone else. The only mind we can change is our own.

Many times people are blocked in their thinking and creativity because of perceptions or assumptions; I work to help people remove those barriers, freeing them to unleash their genius. I say that with my whole being… I have found genius in every person I met. It doesn’t matter what background they are from, what economic status or intelligence level, if they are disabled, or at what point or place they find themselves in life. If I am quiet and listen for it, people will tell me where their pain is and how they can overcome that pain to reach a new “ah-ha” to open their minds to new possibilities.

That is my idea of Transformational Leadership. For more, you’ll have to meet me…
Lori Ruff
Int'l Organizational Leadership & Communications
White Knight Management Consulting, Inc.

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