New Lists and Databases – reference 82308

IvoryWhite Buyers
This file contains buyers of Ivory White, a teeth whitening system. 40% male files has an average age of 45 and an average income of $50,000. All buyers used credit cards to make their purchases
Count: 25,000.

Drivin’ Corvette Owners
This file contains owners of model year 1981-2008 Corvettes. It contains both daily drives and those who own the vehicle as a second or third car. These are enthusiasts with a strong passion for their Corvettes
Count: 160,076

Online Gift Buyers
This file contains people who have purchased products online with a credit card. Prospects on this list have bought jewelry, personalized gifts, pet gifts, bath and beauty products, gourmet baskets, stuffed animals and floral arrangements
Count: 4,929,834

Utility and Telecom Fleets
This file contains fleet managers, engineers purchasing managers and supervisors who subscribe to Utility& Telecom Fleets magazine. Subscribers who are professionals in the public utility, telecom, cable and government industries read the magazine in order to make informed buying decisions
Count: 15,641

Best Professions - Mammographers
This file contains radiologic technologists who have completed the required trainng to earn certification in mammography. This list is multisouced from licensing data, professional directories, association membership and other proprietary data sources
Count: 37,539

Systems Management News Email File
This file contains subscribers to Systems Management News, an industry publication for system administrators IT operations and data center managers.
Count: 17,163

Anthony Richards Apparel Buyers
This file contains buyers of Anthony Richards, an Amerimark catalog that offers women’s apparel, footwear and accessories
Count: 1,027,893, $25-plus buyers, $50-plus buyers, $75-plus buyers, $100-plus buyers 3 month buyers, 6 month buyers, 12 month buyers, age, income, presence of children, credit car/mulitbuyers, last purchase

Aaron’s Sector Alternative Fuels
This file contains investors in alternative fuel
Count: 994,050 age, gender, homeowner, household income, marital status, portfolio interest, zip code

Gays, Lesbians and More
This file contains gay. Lesbian and transgender individuals, a market that spends nearly $2.6 billion annually
Count: 1,896,369 gender

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