Boosting Under Performing Search Engine Campaigns

Is your Search Engine campaign on empty? The hits and clicks just not there? No pay back or good ROI on a search engine submission optimization program? Is your pay for click’s is click less? Maybe you might what to try an automate bid management process and put your time else ware for more important things. Once you have submitted a listing that adhere to the search engines’ guidelines; put it out there live, on the engines of your choice and used an automated bid process. You should measure the results from different titles and descriptions learning what yield the best click-through rate. You might want to test different landing pages to ensure that your conversion process works easily, quickly and produces the results you were looking for. Then you can use Web analytics data to get a better inside into your conversion path which many marketers don’t bother doing, thinking they don’t have to go back to the basics of search on your path. There are basic fundamentals that are there to ensure you can analyze consistent success in a search campaign. They are or should be put in place not because some one long ago wanted to have more work to do, but because it is the only way to not only measure your success but to ensure your continued search engine marketing success.

Larson note: There has been a lot of talk on the blogs, magazines and new papers about some engines charging for bogus clicks. You can count those clicks for first time, return click-ins interest requests and actual sales of the web and formulate a ratio of what you should be getting each and every month or SE campaign you innate.

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