Blogs for Improved Sales Process in Business Social Networking

A blog can drive traffic, leads and nurture your leads in the sales process. To make the most of your blog you need to involve your readers, engage them entertain them link to other blogs or sites. With any luck you will get a recripercial link back to your blog form their network allowing you to reach out even farther. Business Social media in all about engaging your readers and followers. With a blog you are creating a discussion where you are the host. Interact, comment on comments, have fun.

At the same time as you blog you build a readership (be it silent) as well as an active talkative one (providing the topic is good for them) by the time people (potential leads for your service or product) actually talk to you; you have already engaged them with your company. They know who you are and how you work and think and that makes an even stronger bond between the different people and companies. They will know your company has the expertise they need to help them solve their problems, help with their goals and take on some to their challenges.

Larson note: There are many channels to touch people and finding as many touch points to your prospect is important. Ads, postcards, phone calls, blogs all give you ways to reach out and touch your prospect. Bloging gives you a ways to help touch your prospect in a non-threatening way that they control but you structure and design to put your best foot forward

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