Banner ads can be an exciting and excellent way to push your company and services with an audience that might be hard to reach using other forms of marketing.

Banners allow you to reach your target audience across multiple sites with a single buy allowing you to save on research.

There are 2 main kinds of banner ads, remnant networks which are performance ad networks that monetize unsold “inventory”; and vertical ad networks which offer premium “inventory” to advertisers interested in a targeted audience. You need to know an ad network that offers targeting in terms of both audience and content so you don’t waist impressions on the wrong people, choose a network that will display your ads only on web sites with relevant content to the business needs of your given market

Larson note: Picking up on unused spots can be a big bargain, once that time slot is over its gone and the site gets NOTHING for it. But placing your banners in front of the wrong target just because it is cheep does you no good ether. Make sure you are out in fornt of the people that buy what you sell!

Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
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