In an economic downturn you need to give a projection of being a strong stable company.
This will give you the look of a stable sound company and a major player in your field when the compensation is quite and not marketing hard and heavy.

At this time a tactic might be saturation mailing. Which is a process where you send a mass mailing out to every address in a particular area. Because saturation mailings are so easy for the Post Office to process they can pass a savings on to the mailer which could be upwards of 20%-25% off or roughly 5 cents per piece delivered. The major requirement is that the pieces must be sorted in actual sequence the postal carrier will deliver the mail while walking their route. In this way the Postal Service saves in time and effort of sorting, coding and processing the mail.

Larson note: This is a hard line tactic designed to capture market shave when your competition is hiding, running or has their tails between their legs. It’s for hammering home your message bit time!

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