Look What They Did To My WORK!!! This Is GROSS!!

Linkedin Corporation gets mad at me - and others - for using the trademark/brand "Linkedin" in our URLs, those of us who thought highly of Linkedin try to the best of our ability to stave off a useless fight, thus, we give up our domain names and look, just LOOK at what's happened to one of the domain names I conceived, paid for, marketed, championed, and moderated - RESPONSIBLY - CONSCIENTIOUSLY - for 3 years: Just LOOK at: LinkedinVentureCapital.com !!!!!

QUESTION: My usage of LinkedinVentureCapital.com for my discussion group of nearly 1,000 people talking about Linkedin and Venture Capital was a problem for Linkedin but, http://www.commercialmortgagesandloans.com/ is not??

I *VOLUNTARILY* gave up the domain out of respect for Linkedin's rights to its trademark and brand and, now, LinkedinVentureCapital.com has fallen into the hands of someone who could care less about Linkedin, trademarks, corporate brands, respect, or much of anything else civilized people care about.

Thousands of hours of work - all of that work - all of that link building and networking and moderating now falls into the hands of some charlatan - I guess the kind of person that Linkedin must have thought that I was...

This is sickening!!

I've rarely asked you to DIGG or stumble or Twitter any of the many things I've posted but, so that members of your Linkedin network can know about this type of bad business practice, I'd like to ask you to make sure that they can see this for themselves - with their own eyes.

In closing: Does it make ANY sense - AT ALL for Linkedin to pull domains out of the hands of its evangelists and let them fall into the hands of creepy sites like like this: http://www.commercialmortgagesandloans.com/ ??

Pardon the outburst but the above is not intended to have a "professional" tone - because, though I wasn't expecting anything from Linkedin, as a workaholic I don't like losing my work product.

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