Free Activity Lessons For Social Network Internet Marketing


I have just started a series of Activity Lessons which are the first steps for Social Network Internet Marketing. This is a 6-week course focusing on clarifying your niche and growing your base of friends in your niche. Both of these are critical for achieving your outcome.

Of course, these Activity Lessons are free. The following link is your invitation to join.

This is a program based on learning by doing. And, each lesson builds on what you have done since the last lesson. The more you do, the more you receive.

If you would like to grow your niche member and your friend lists by at least 2000 in the next 6 weeks, these activity lessons are for you.

If this is an idea that is appropriate for you, I strongly urge you to get started today (the programs starts today). I will only provide these lessons until August 21, 2008 and I will close the site on that day.

I hope to see you there,

Rodger Bailey, MS

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