Poems Pertinent To Leaving Linkedin: "Limbo Losses" from How to Survive the Loss of a Love

No, I wasn't Linkedin's lover - and Linkedin wasn't mine. But, when someone asked me whether I'd started having withdrawal symptoms from not going to Linkedin.com for the past couple of days, it reminded me of this wonderful little book called "How To Survive The Loss Of A Love" (by Peter McWilliams, Harold H. Bloomfield, and Melba Colgrove http://www.amazon.com/Survive-Loss-Love-Peter-McWilliams/dp/0931580439):

Here's an excerpt to see if you can relate:


(Is it on? Is it off? Is it a gain? Is it a loss?)

· awaiting medical tests or reports on their outcome

· a couple on the brink of divorce for the fourteenth time

· a friend, spouse or relative "missing in action"

· lovers, after any quarrel

· a business transaction that may or may not fall through

· a lawsuit

· putting your house up for sale

Limbo losses often feel like this:

My life has fallen down
around me before
--lots of times,
for lots of reasons--
usually other people.

And most of the time
I was fortunate enough
to have a large lump of
that life hit me on the
head and render me numb
to the pain & desolation
that followed.
And I survived.
And I live to love again.

But this,
this slow erosion from below
--or within--
it's me falling down around my life
because you're still in that life
--but not really.
And you're out of that life
--but not quite.

I do all right
and better
I do very poorly

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