There are many factors which can affect the way we choose to solve problems.

There are many factors which can unexpectedly enter our lives and alter the shape of our beliefs about certain things.

There are many factors which contribute to how we use our time and the things we choose to pursue with our time.

There are many factors which affect our plans - no matter how carefully constructed the plans are.

And, of course, there are many factors which affect the way we act, our performance, our careers, our habits, our wealth building, etc.

Thus, I must share with you that there are several serious factors which are having a more than slight impact on my work, my networking, and my net worth.

The most serious factor which I choose to change immediately is the inordinate amount of time I've been allocating to my Linkedin-centric pursuits.

Up until recently, there was no such thing as putting in too much time into the things I saw and wanted to do with Linkedin.

But, what started out as an absolute joy has now become an untenable burden.

Therefore, sometimes we have to do a check up to see whether what we're doing is what we should be doing for our greatest benefit, pleasure, and profit. From time to time, we need to check to make sure that what we are doing will be of real-world benefit to our friends, family, and business colleagues. We must do this even with the things we permit ourselves to have deep, abiding passion for.

Sometimes, we need to shake ourselves out of our evangelistic stupor - I know it's oxymoronic - and move on to greater opportunity, even when we don't feel like it. Perhaps, ESPECIALLY when we don't feel like it.

Sometimes, perseverance merely for the sake of perseverance becomes a pernicious factor in our lives.

Sometimes, we have to cut certain things out of our lives - or at least greatly reduce them.

Some of you have heard me say this before but for my new friends, I need to say that I'm WAAAAAYYYYY behind schedule in reducing the amount of time I've allocated to Linkedin.

Candidly, though I've been a fairly intense self-appointed Linkedin evangelist, I've never been a fan of the "technology" which drives the Linkedin platform. What I sought to evangelize about was the original Linkedin philosophy and what it portended for my network and me. Because I hope that I have been of help in helping others to help themselves via Linkedin, I absolve myself for putting in so much time in championing Linkedin.

And though I will remain a user of Linkedin and perhaps even a paid-member of Linkedin, my days as aself-appointed Linkedin evangelist ended, yesterday.

Thus, with the above factors in mind, I'm shifting my focus back to things which can help me earn a living...I have MUCH catching up to do so, shhould you wish to acquire any of the groups, blogs, or domains I purchased, please feel free to contact me at your convenience. My email address is on each of the 200+ groups I've created over the past 2 1/2 years...

Finally, a little word of advice based upon my experience: Please go out and love someone in your OFF LINE network, today!!! Even if you can't reach them, call them. All these groups will be right here waiting for you when you get back. If not, then you will not have missed too much, right?

Let no combination of factors shift you away from THAT focus!!!


+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

+Vincent Wright,

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