Why Would Linkedin Take Down A Motivational Networking Group?

From "Why Keep Strong!"

I open this new iteration of my blog with this simple, straightforward question: "Why would Linkedin Corporation take down a motivational networking group?"

The group was called "Keep STRONG!"

To help you understand the character of the group which Linkedin suspended, here is its original description:

"It is NOT your job to help those who seek to drag you down, to weaken you. That's their job. Your job is to acquire as much encouragement as is needed for you to have a healthy life. YOUR job is to Keep STRONG!!"

As reported on MyLinkedinPowerForum.com,
here's Linkedin's rationale for suspending the group:

"The LinkedIn Groups feature is meant for like-minded peers who have a similar base of professional experience. Group members should have some structured off-line association with other professionals. We do not feel your group goes with bringing like minded professionals together in the LinkedIn manner. We have suspended this group at this time."

Though it's Linkedin platform, rules, and game, I don't for one second buy that as a plausible justification for suspending a group set up to motivate fellow networkers, and a group which has violated no serious rule - probably hasn't violated any rule, at all.

As mentioned in my response on MyLinkedinPowerForum.com, "Try to visualize going through the course of your networking year WITHOUT having to encourage someone in your network or without someone in your network having to encourage you."

I've moderated a fairly large group on Linkedin Groups for 3 years - almost 8,500 members. I currently moderate many other groups consisting of 40-60,000 memberships. I believe I've responsibly moderated each and every group I own on Linkedin, Yahoo, Facebook, and Ning.

So, here's my first question: Why would Linkedin take down a motivational networking group moderated by someone whose name they've known for more than 3 years and whose groups they've actively participated in? (Linkedin's Founders were some of the first to join MyLinkedinPowerForum.com, starting back in March 2005...)

Vincent Wright
MyLinkingPowerForum.com (Ning (2,500 members))
MyLinkedinPowerForum.com (Yahoo (8,800 members))
MyLinkedinPowerForum.biz (Linkedin (8,500 members))
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Comment by Vincent Wright on May 28, 2008 at 2:36pm
What a wonderful imagination, Mr. Feather! Thanks! :-) I'd rather not offend too many people with my real face but, I may test out your idea in the not too distant future - for those who just want to know! :-)

As for the hand icon, explanation coming - HOPEFULLY - with a small book sometime in the next few months

Keep STRONG, Frank!
Comment by Vincent Wright on May 27, 2008 at 6:14pm
"tweaked their nose"! HAHAHAHAHA
You know, Frank? I never thought of it that way! :-)

More seriously: The only thing I want to put a lot of time into is encouraging people. If Linkedin's uncomfortable with my doing that via their platform, I guess I'll have to look elsewhere to help people "Keep STRONG!"
Thanks, Frank!

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