Add These Professional Groups To Your Linkedin Profile

Below is an extensive listing of the Linkedin-centric companions to the professional networking groups on

All of the groups are associated with groups you belong to either on Yahoo Groups or on

Check the list for the group(s) appropriate to your professional networking missions.

Group descriptions are available during the sign up process:

Check Out My Book!:
Financial Planning:
Forum Action Day:
Homes Against Homelessness:
I LOVE My Business Plan!:
I LOVE My Profile!:
I LOVE My Resume!:
Invite Me!:
LICM Contacts Management Users:
Linking Affiliate Programs:
Linking Africa:
Linking African Americans:
Linking America:
Linking And The Secret:
Linking Blogs:
Linking Boomers:
Linking Boston:
Linking California:
Linking Canada:
Linking China:
Linking Christians:
Linking Connecticut:
Linking Consultants:
Linking Democrats:
Linking Diversity:
Linking Education:
Linking Events:
Linking Executives:
Linking Eyes To Find Missing Children:
Linking Groups:
Linking Hartford:
Linking Health Care:
Linking Human Resources:
Linking IT:
Linking Independents:
Linking India:
Linking Job Seekers:
Linking Journalists:
Linking Lawyers:
Linking MBAs:
Linking Moderators:
Linking Moonlighters:
Linking Musicians:
Linking Nonprofits:
Linking On The Links:
Linking Partners:
Linking Pharmaceutical:
Linking Philadelphia:
Linking Podcasters:
Linking Real Estate:
Linking Recruiters:
Linking Recruitment Process Outsourcing:
Linking Republicans:
Linking Sales PROS:
Linking San Francisco:
Linking Security:
Linking Six Sigma:
Linking Skype Users:
Linking Start Ups:
Linking Surveys:
Linking Texas:
Linking The Digital Divide:
Linking Venture Capital:
Linking Veterans:
Linking Washington, DC:
Linking Webmasters:
Linking Women:
Linking Yogis:
Meet Me!:
My Announcements:
My Campaigns:
My Link Log:
My Linking Power Forum:
My Success Books:
Proposal Writing:
Pursuing Relentless Optimism:
Seeking Angels:
Social Media Optimization:
Teach Us About:
The Apology Registry:
The Biggest Business In The World:
The Impoverished Millionaires:
The Science Of Encouragement:
The Writers Forum:
To Heal On September Eleventh:
Virtually Viral!:
Who Do You Need To Meet?:
Work At Home Moms:
Wright Hand Outsourcing:

+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

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Comment by Vincent Wright on February 10, 2012 at 11:13am

Hi, Chris,

I'm truly sorry to not have responded to this earlier but, these are legacy groups from the days when Linkedin used to have no limit on the number of groups we could have.  The number was dramatically reduced and so, the above groups are no longer available...(I think they were great groups - and - apparently so did Linkedin since we had to go through an approval process to get each of our groups approve... I'm happy that Linkedin chose to approve almost 100 of my groups which I originally chose to share with its members...)

Comment by Chris Bangs on June 3, 2008 at 10:26am
Is LinkedIn been deleting these groups or something? I tried to add several, stopped sequentially requesting after 14 "We're sorry, the group is not active." messages and 5 more from random selection. A community of professionals focused on brand strategy for brand energy.

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