Problems with LinkedIn search capabilities

Today I called and cancelled my LinkedIn Business Professional membership and asked for a refund. It was promptly transacted and the charge was refunded to my credit card.

As a loyal fan and advocate of LinkedIn, I'm so frustrated I can barely stand it. I use LI as a tool to find excellent candidates and network with a host of wonderful people. My network has grown quickly over the last few months and I'm up to right around 8,500 first level connections. I also belong to a ridiculous amount of groups, all of which have helped me grow quickly.

I can no longer perform simple searches, advanced searches, look up a member's profile, etc. I feel like I've put a lot of time and effort in growing my network for naught. I know there are members of this forum with much larger networks than mine and was wondering if others are having the same problem? This is very frustrating, especially after touting the virtues of LinkedIn to friends, colleagues and professionals around the world.

Is there a fix for this or is this issue even being addressed? I can't stand seeing the pink banner any more. If anyone has any feedback or is experiencing the same issues, is there a way we can band together and speak up? Power is in numbers, and we certainly have the numbers in this forum. I've also addressed this in the LIONs group, and I'm not sure what to do next.

Does anyone have any ideas or am I alone in my extreme frustration/distress? Even when I accept invitations in bulk, the system won't take me to my Inbox or show me who I've connected with - which was a powerful tool in the past.


Thanks for listening. As an open networker I'm going through withdrawal!


Sheree Ruland

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