Can't Rename Facebook Group So, How Do I Delete A Facebook Group ?

Facebook doesn't permit you to rename a group so, if your mission for a group is no longer viable, groups can't be renamed.

For example, if you have a Facebook group called "Celebrating2007", that group can't be renamed Celebrating2008, Celebrating2009, Celebrating2010, etc.

Thus, if you are no longer celebrating 2007, the group dedicated to that purpose gets "frozen in time". [wink, wink]

So, how does a Facebook group creator delete the group called "Celebrating2007"?

I don't see an option.

Further to that, I don't see an option to send a message to the entire group, other than posting to the forum. (I do remember messaging an entire group via email but, that function seems to have been removed...)

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Comment by Vincent Wright on April 9, 2008 at 10:22am
Answer Found. Question Closed.

From Facebook at:
How do I delete a group?
Our system automatically deletes groups once they're empty (no members). If you created the group or are one of the group's administrators, the easiest way to delete the group is to remove all members and then remove yourself.

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