10 Millions Of Spanish rosé bottles disguised as Best French Rosé wine has been seized by the French Customs DGCCRF

10 million bottles of rosé are concerned, according to the DGCCRF (Direction General de la Concurrence, de la Consummation et de la Repression des Frauds www.economie.gouv.fr/).
More than 70.000 hectoliters (more than 10 millions rosé wine bottles) of Spanish rosé wine were sold under labels of French wine, reveal the DGCCRF in France
Spanish imports 10 million bottles of Rosé disguised made-up into French labels and bottles. Of rosé wines were made-up into French Summer Rosé Wine

It follows a two-year investigation by the Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Controls (DGCCRF) checking-up since 2015 that wines has being imported into France, mainly from Spain, were being properly labeled.

“A total of 179 establishments were audited in 2016 and 564 in 2017, specifically on the subject of foreign wines,” it stated. “22% of the establishments visited in 2016 and 15% of the establishments visited in 2017 were subject to non-conformities ranging from confusing to ‘Francisation’, the latter being an offence that is the subject of criminal penalties.”

While the investigation initially targeted wine importers, it was later extended to include distribution companies, as well as the on- and off-trade, and restaurants, hotels, supermarkets.

The vast majority of wines checked were labeled correctly, for example as “Vin de Espagne” or “Vin de la Communauté Européenne” (VCE) when they are blended with wines from other countries of the European Union.

At the producer level, investigators found that a mention of origin to be absent or misleading.

The fraud authority acknowledged that since 2015, French producers have been facing “strong competition” from Spanish wines in the entry-level segment, particularly with regards to varietal wines. While pressure on supplies of French, and in particularly Provence, rose have more recently been brought into focus as demand has surged.

The Parisian reveals on this July 9th the results of the Customs investigation on Spanish rosé wines made up in French wine.

The newspaper reveals today that 70 000 hl of Spanish rosé wines were made up with French labels, are sold under a packaging or a merchandising which can be confusing on the origin of wines. At this beginning of holidays, where the consumers are particularly attracted by rosé wines, the scandal will be neutral but this serious matter will probably not disappear like a matter on the film of Harry Potter! So there is a “Lack” of French rosé wine in this summer 2018.
Of course it is not the best period for revelations the producers from the Languedoc have been waiting during three years. Nevertheless, it will doubtless be welcomed by the production with relief. Through various more or less violent actions, the producers did not stop denouncing these practices. The Customs investigation of the frauds was very wide being not only interested in importers but also in labels, in shelf spaces of the mass-market retailing, large distribution, and finally in the restaurant owners, and wine stores.
Criminal procedures for deceit, misleading commercial practice, deceit in organized group or usurpation of quality signs are opened. The incurred punishments go of two years of prison and at least 300.000 Euros fine penalty.

An investigation of the Head office of French DGCCRF is a section of French Customs.

 The consumption and the repression of the frauds (DGCCRF) shows that millions of liters of Spanish rosé were sold for some French wine; reveal 10 million concerned bottles have been seized. Having received the alerts at the end of 2015 on unexpected labels of French Rosé wines, the DGCCRF launched a survey investigation in 2016 and 2017. Mr. Alexandre Chevallier, the Senior Head Director of the DGCCRF explains that “these cases of monkey business with French franchised labels concern more than 70.000 hectoliters of wine ". Let it be the equivalent of 10 million bottles of rosé.
A much cheaper Spanish rosé. In near an establishment check and controlled on five, the rosé presented as French was Spanish and much cheaper in reality, because in 2016 the Spanish bulk rosé was sold to 0,34 Euros / liter for 0,75 in 0,90 Euros / liter for the French rosé, according to DGCCRF and Le Parisien (http://www.leparisien.fr/economie/dix-millions-de-bouteilles-de-ros...) daily newspaper 22 % of the checked and Customs controlled establishments presented an anomaly of labeling. Orders of stakes in conformity, reports, fines and criminal procedures for deceit were launched by the DGCCRF.
Misleading labels with funny French flags, Castles, In other instances, a fleur-de-lis symbol, the image of a French cockade, the mention “Produced in France” or “Bottled in France” were fore grounded, while the original mention “Vin d’Espagne” or “Vin de la European community” appeared on the back of the bottle making it difficult to read.

Among the numerous guiles to deceive the consumer, we find in particular the presence of labels playing on the fuzz and vagueness. On bottles, with French flags, castles evoking the France and producers of Rosé area or still the mention " bottling in France ",which attracts the attention it is also  guarantee not at all, indeed, that the wine is French. These Funniest labels of Rosé French wine were made in Spain in order to mislead and to confuse the wine lovers and buyers on the stores.

Those facing charges have not yet been identified.







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