The Very BEST Day I've Had With Linkedin In A Long, Long Time!!! - Linking Eyes To Find Missing Children"

If, as an end user, I grant myself permission to criticize Linkedin for issues I truly have a problem with then, I should also grant myself permission to say a "Hallelujah!" or two for those things which make me feel good about Linkedin.

I feel good about Linkedin today...

Case in point: Even as a die-hard group creator, there is one group which means more to me than almost any other: Linking Eyes To Find Missing Children. I hope I don't need to tell you why this particular groups is so important but, just imagine the stress that a child is under when they don't have their familiar roots, processes, routines, people to turn to. I know first hand how challenging it is - even as an middle aged adult - to have your life, your routines uprooted. Familiar things ripped away from you... - Compounding that with prospective psychological and physical harm to the child and you can see the urgency of treating this as a matter worthy of the best attention of the best people.

No one can force us to look for these missing children but, if you and I love networking as much as we claim to, then it should disturb us into action when we realize how "un-networked" these missing children are. The more powerful our own networks the more we should be able to empathize with the powerlessness of the networks of these missing children.

Thus, as a professional networker I'm encouraged by the fact that, today, August 25, 2008, Linkedin Corporation approved my group "Linking Eyes To Find Missing Children". That, in and of itself, is good enough to make me feel quite good about Linkedin... *THAT satisfies *me*!

I'll explain more about why it was so meaningful to get this particular group up and running even in the midst of all the things going on with Linkedin Groups but, for now, I'd just like to make you aware of Linking Eyes To FInd Missing Children:

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