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Comment by Vincent Wright 17 hours ago

"You know, the way you got killed was highly, highly, highly, highly, highly unusual!!!

Like one in a billion!!!

How does that make you feel???"

Dead Person:
"Not nearly as awesome as you seem to think..."


Comment by Vincent Wright 20 hours ago

The funniest thing about a bad memory is remembering you have a bad memory.

Comment by Vincent Wright yesterday

If you've been born, you've done harder things than the hardest thing you have to do, today. #KeepSTRONG!

Comment by Vincent Wright yesterday

Whatever your fear or fears may be, ask an older person how they survived each of those days they feared. #DaysOfFear #OlderFriends

Comment by Vincent Wright on Saturday

Greatest truth of all human truths? Lovers make better fighters. Lovers fight for love. And there's nothing greater to fight for than that which we love. If you won't fight for it, you don't love it.


Comment by Vincent Wright on Saturday

We became so intelligent, so well-educated we could see multiple days at a time.
And that was the beginning of our hell, the beginning of our hunger, our yearning to once again, live in only one day, to taste only one day; TODAY: "Those Other Days Aren't Yours".❤️

Comment by Vincent Wright on August 14, 2018 at 11:07am

The question is whether their darkness outweighs our light, whether their darkness *OUTPERFORMS* our light...

(If we don't let our light shine & shine & shine & shine & shine, darkness not only will win but, will deserve to win. If we have light, let's not be afraid to use it.)

Comment by Vincent Wright on August 12, 2018 at 6:12pm

There was a rhythm which made me a peaceful man...
(I was madly in love with that rhythm... People who loved me didn't know it but, it was because of that rhythm that I was lovable, at all. Some of those people unwittingly destroy that rhythm...)

Comment by Vincent Wright on August 9, 2018 at 9:34pm

No one can become a healthy adult without getting rid of the nonsensical ideas they had as a child. And, yet, no one can become a happy adult without holding onto some of the nonsensical ideas they had as a child...

Comment by Vincent Wright on March 16, 2018 at 4:09pm

Dear Violence-Susceptible People: When our entertainment industry makes movies of violence, songs of violence, games of violence, books of violence, TV shows of violence, podcasts of violence, blogs of violence, we don't, um, mean for *YOU* to be violent. #JustViolentEntertainment #JustNonstopViolentEntertainment

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